24 Timeless Essentials Are All You Need to Complete Your Fall Wardrobe, and We’ve Got the Proof Right Here

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Before you start jumping on the trends of the season (hiya, fall!), it’s important to make sure you've got a solid fashion foundation to build on. Not only will it help give your wardrobe longevity—because, let's be honest, nothing says "forever" like a good leather jacket—but it will also give you few go-tos that will make getting dressed a far easier endeavor... especially on those late-in-the-year mornings when you need to do so before the sun is fully up. What’s more, while you might add or subtract layers as seasons come and go, the essentials are totally season-less and can be worn with ease all 365 days of the year.

While building your ultimate wardrobe from the ground-up might seem like a daunting task, we are happy to report that you can one-stop-shop everything on your must-have personal style list on Amazon. The company has upped its game on shoes, apparel, and accessories of late and—might we add—it shows. Not to mention that most of the items below can be ordered through Amazon Prime, which means that you could have a little black dress on your doorstep practically as fast as your take-out sushi order. Below, find your eight ultimate wardrobe essentials, and the pieces of each we’re currently snatching up on Amazon.

A leather jacket is the perfect seasonal solution for transitional weather because it’s warm, but not bulky. Whether you drape it over your shoulders for an edgy night out or keep it classic with your daily jeans and T-shirt uniform, make sure you have one on hand always.

White T-shirts can be worn with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, so it stands to reason that you’re going to need more than one on hand, no matter what your personal style. Whether you’re stocking up on affordable options or going for that splurge-worthy purchase, a white tee should be at the top of your list of wardrobe essentials.

Denim trends come and go, but the straight leg has stood the test of time more than most. With a not-too-skinny fit, yet tailored enough so that it doesn’t feel too of-the-moment, a great pair of straight-leg jeans will be in rotation in your closet for years—or maybe even decades—to come.

Sure, a great oxford is a nice wardrobe staple, but there’s something about a silk version of the same that just steps things up a notch. If we’re counting wardrobe essentials, we’re looking for pieces that will really take you from day-to-night without a second thought, and a great white silk button-down will do just that.

If you have one all-season coat in your closet, make it a trench. Style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy have been wearing them for decades—not to mention the trench’s storied past over the last century—and it’s a great masculine-meets feminine coat that will take you not only through all 12 months of the year, but all weather cycles as well.

There’s a reason that the little black dress has been so popularized that it’s developed its own nickname. The LBD is a clean canvas with which you can layer over or under, and style with a variety of jewelry, shoes, and accessories, to make it look completely different each and every time. Voila: essential.

There’s nothing quite like a cashmere sweater to make everything from an embellished party skirt to a pair of jeans look more elegant. And, while it has made all chic wardrobe essential lists for generations, it’s becoming more and more affordable to make sure that every girl is able to add it to her own personal collection, no matter her wallet size.

Hells are fun, but flats will take you anywhere. That said, just because you’re not wearing heels doesn’t mean the alternative is sneakers (though we do love our sporty kicks). Make sure to have a pair of flats that are elevated enough to take you to the office or even a party on those occasions that heels are simply not an option (your feet will thank you).

Pair any of your favorite Amazon essentials with this wildly comfy bra (which you're pretty much guaranteed to love whether you're a 32A or 36DD), and the summer shoe trend that seems to be sticking around for fall. 

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