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“Coat-Veralls” Are the Most Useful Winter-Wear Feature Since the Down Insert Itself

Allie Flinn

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It’s that time of year: We’re all making 3,987 references to the fact that winter is coming like we haven’t been saying it since 2015, Netflix queues are brimming with holiday movies, and we finally (finally!) get to break out our cozy coats and jackets. The latter is all fun and games until you get on the subway or some other enclosed area where taking your jacket off and holding it could not be anymore inconvenient. All of the sudden, that coat that was keeping you cozy in the chilly weather is now an inferno burrito. 

So thank heavens that “coat-veralls” or overall straps in winterwear are saving us in this predicament. While this isn’t exactly a new concept, backpack straps in coats and jackets are becoming more commonplace—and they’re so smart. The straps let you take off the coat so you don’t overheat, without having to totally strip down. And with that, you don’t have to try and free up the hands that are busy schlepping around your work bag, a change of clothes for your date later, and that assortment of receipts you keep swearing you’ll expense some day soon.

“Thanks, it has backpack straps” is winter’s version of your “thanks, it has pockets” summer dress. Shop five jackets and coats with interior straps below. 

Photo: Mango

Mango Water Repellent Quilted Coat, $130

Puffer coats are in—and this one has the added bonus of suspender-like straps that make it easy to carry around. It comes in black and a very Thanksgiving-esque shade of orange (this is a compliment). 

Photo: Lululemon

Lululemon Winter Warrior Parka Wool, $598

This extra-toasty jacket is waterproof, and it’s filled with down that is certified to be Responsible Down Standard. It comes with plenty of pockets (this is v important, as well), and in three heathered shades: silver graphite, dark olive, and black night.

Photo: TNA

TNA Larsen Parka, $249

They designed this coat to keep you warm to negative four degrees Fahrenheit and, like the Lululemon option above, is filled with down that is certified to Responsible Down Standard. The faux fur collar is removable if that isn’t your jam, and the pockets are lined with fleece (!) so basically it’s the dictionary definition of cozy.

Photo: Vince

Vince Cropped Belted Jacket, $495

The orangey, burnt sienna shade of this jacket is a smidge more special than classic camel, but just as wearable. It’s made out of twill, so it’s not going to keep you warm during New York winters, but if you live in a place where it doesn’t drop below 55 degrees it’s perfect. The interior straps are chic enough that you actually want to show them off. 

Photo: Nike

NikeLab Collection Women’s Jacket, $400

Using the singular crossbody strap on this jacket to tote it behind me will undoubtedly make me feel like Legolas, and TBH more of my wardrobe should probably have Lord of the Rings inspiration. The jacket is also waterproof, has a hood, and comes in black. 

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