“Coat-Veralls” Are the Most Useful Winter-Wear Feature Since the Down Insert Itself

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It's that time of year: We're all making 3,987 references to the fact that winter is coming, Netflix queues are brimming with holiday movies, and we finally (finally!) get to break out our cozy coats and jackets. The latter is all fun and games until you get on the subway or some other enclosed area where taking your jacket off and holding it could not be anymore inconvenient. All of the sudden, that coat that was keeping you cozy in the chilly weather is now an inferno burrito.

So thank heavens that "coat-veralls" or overall straps in winterwear are saving us in this predicament.While this isn't exactly a new concept, backpack straps in coats and jackets are becoming more commonplace—and they're so smart. The straps let you take off the coat so you don't overheat, without having to totally strip down. And with that, you don't have to try and free up the hands that are busy schlepping around your work bag, a change of clothes for your date later, and that assortment of receipts you keep swearing you'll expense some day soon.

"Thanks, it has backpack straps" is winter's version of your "thanks, it has pockets" summer dress. Shop jackets and coats with interior straps below.

The best coats and jackets with straps

Lululemon Snow Warrior Long Parka — $598.00

This extra-toasty jacket is waterproof, and it’s filled with down that is certified to be Responsible Down Standard. It comes with plenty of pockets (this is v important, as well), and in colors that go with pretty much everything in your closet.

Sizes: 0–14

Colors: Black, roasted brown

Nike Sportswear Therma-FIT City Series
Nike Sportswear Therma-FIT City Jacket — $255.00

This puffer has warm, down insulation and Therma-FIT technology to help maintain your temperature when the temperatures drop. It has a loose fit, water-resistant fabric, and front zip pockets to stash your essentials. There’s also an internal strap for easy carrying.

Sizes: XS (0–2)–2XL (20–22)

Colors: Black, white, hemp

Canada Goose Cypress Puffer Jacket — $1,959.00

Not only does this Canada Goose puffer have interior straps, it packs up like whoa. Just fold it up, tuck it into the interior pocket, and strap it on your back for travel. Super-light fill means you’ll stay warm without overheating, and reflective trim on the back means you’ll stay visible during evening walks.

Sizes: 2XS–2XL

Colors: Black, silver, navy, red

UpWest Sherpa Bomber
UpWest Sherpa Bomber

Enjoy some extra cozy style with this bomber jacket that has sherpa fleece on the chest. It has utility pockets on the chest, and a ribbed neck, hem, and cuffs. Thumbholes keep your sleeves in place, and backpack straps let you carry your jacket without using your hands.

Sizes: XS–XL

Colors: Oatmeal, tawny

The North Face New Outerboroughs Parka
The North Face New Outerboroughs Parka — $500.00

For those extra chilly days, you need something that will stand up to the elements. This parka is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and has a goose down fill and an adjustable hood with a faux fur trim. And once you’re inside, you can use the removable, internal straps to carry your jacket on your back.

Sizes: XS–3XL

Colors: Grey, cordovan, thyme, navy, green, black

Banana Republic Alps Puffer Jacket
Banana Republic Alps Puffer Jacket — $250.00

With a cotton blend fabric, and recycled goose down filling, this jacket is lightweight, warm, and eco-friendly. It has a relaxed fit, and a detachable hood and stand collar to keep your head and neck covered. There are backpack straps inside for convenience, as well as side pockets and an interior pocket.

Sizes: XS–XL

Colors: White, caramel

Canada Goose Everleigh Bomber Performance Satin
Canada Goose Everleigh Bomber Performance Satin — $1,150.00

Part bomber, part puffer, this Canada Goose jacket will keep you comfortably warm all the way down to -4 degrees. It has a snorkel hood and reflective details so you can stay visible in low light conditions, and interior backpack straps let you carry the jacket easily if you ever decide to take it off.

Sizes: 2XS–3XL

Colors: Black, grey, white, quicksand, blue

Nike Sportswear Therma-FIT City High-Pile Fleece Jacket
Nike Sportswear Therma-FIT City High-Pile Fleece Jacket — $250.00

This puffer is made of high-loft fleece and has a synthetic down fill, and will practically feel like a warm, fluffy hug. Zippered hand pockets and internal straps add extra convenient details, and the jacket is also machine washable.

Sizes: XS (0–2)–2XL (20–22)

Colors: Black, white, pink

Saint James St. Annabelle
Saint James St. Annabelle — $515.00

Mix up your closet with a color block down jacket. It’s waterproof, has a detachable hood, and has a 90% down/10% feather fill. Inside, it has a stripped pattern and shoulder straps.

Sizes: 4–20

Colors: Brown/oatmeal/white

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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