Drop the Lacroix: Coca-Cola Just Acquired This Sparkling Mineral Water

Photo: Instagram/@topochicousa
First Nestlé scooped up beloved small-batch coffee brand Blue Bottle, and now another giant is following suit: Coca-Cola recently acquired indie sparkling mineral water brand Topo Chico. And yes, that means your LaCroix stash might have to share some fridge space sooner than later.

The trendy brand—which was founded in Mexico in 1895—has been rising in popularity in recent years (maybe you've spotted the bright red and yellow logo at some of your favorite restaurants around the country, especially in New Orleans and Ann Arbor, Michigan). But the bottles are still mainly distributed in Texas, where sales are reportedly off the charts (the wide popularity of sparkling-water–based drinks certainly doesn't hurt its case, either.)

"Our goal now is to extend Topo Chico's reach while preserving its heritage."

With Coca-Cola behind beloved brand, it'll probably soon be much easier for you to get your hands on some. But don't worry, Topo Chico purists: Though production of everyman's mineral water will rise, quality control is still reportedly a priority. Coca-Cola's VP of emerging brands, Matt Hughes, said, “Our goal now is to extend its reach while preserving its heritage,” Eater reported.

There's no word on when when you'll start seeing an uptick in Topo Chico bottles at your local grocer, but in the meantime, grab a 12-pack from Amazon for $28 while it's still a small operation. Cheers!

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