This Coconut Oil Hack Could Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Short hairstyles are badass, but question of the moment is this: How do you make your hair grow faster?  The second that your shaggy, shoulder-length cut, bob, or trendy bangs hit that awkward stage, sometimes you're just over it. If you're lusting for long hair, seasonally things are already in your favor—sunshine's vitamin D purportedly helps with hair and nail growth, but YouTube blogger Farah Dhukai recently revealed her best all-natural hack on Instagram. (And it's way safer than sketchy non-FDA-approved pills.)

"The average amount of hair growth is six inches per year. This is how I doubled my hair growth to 12 inches," Dhukai posted. Here's her two-ingredient secret weapon: coconut oil and cayenne pepper. Yep—that's it.

She made her blend using a 16-ounce mason jar, filling it halfway with coconut oil and adding two teaspoons of the red pepper. Then, she stored it in a cool, dark place for a week. Last, she strained the mix and poured it in a squeeze bottle to make it easy to apply to her scalp.

Here's her two-ingredient hack: coconut oil and cayenne pepper. Yep—that's it.

"The oil is infused with cayenne so it will slightly sting," she warns, adding that the sting is the capsaicin doing its job, and that it should be applied to the scalp only—not all over your head. Her pro tip: "Do a test patch first to see how your skin handles it."

Her hack may seem too simple to actually work, but science backs up the claim that cayenne can help combat hair loss. And coconut oil has been shown to help too.

How this blogger made her hair grow faster using a coconut oil-cayenne blend.

GROW YOUR HAIR 2X FASTER!!! ?? ??Yep you read right. The AVERAGE amount of hair growth per year is 6 inches….This is how I GROW MY HAIR OVER 12 inches... pretty much DOUBLING the growth!! Of course results vary from person to person, but this is an inexpensive method and works wonders! ❤️ALL YOU NEED: ✅Coconut Oil (or any oil you prefer) -this is solid at room temperature so I warmed it up to a liquid ✅Cayenne Pepper Powder Use a jar with a lid! I used a 16oz mason jar and filled half with coconut oil with 2 heaping tablespoons of cayenne powder - mix seal/cover the jar and store the mixture in a cool dark place for 1 week After one week give the oil a mix and then strain so theres no “powder” in the mix THE OIL WILL NOW BE RED OIL! SAVE THE STRAINED CAYENNE POWDER! Ill show you how to use it in a laterrrrrrrrrrr video! I poured my oil into a squeeze bottle that I can constantly reuse! ??Apply the oil to your SCALP ONLY! This is oil infused with cayenne and it will slightly sting. The sting is the capsaicin doing its job .. do a test patch first to see how your skin handles it! For me PERSONALLY, I barely feel anything! Massage onto your scalp and leave it on overnight (if you can handle it), or for as long as you possibly can! I let it get onto my forehead so I can stimulate my edges/babyhair (use gloves if your sensitive) wash it out with shampoo after you're done ??DO NOT PUT THIS ALL OVER YOUR FACE! I personally think cayenne is TOO STRONG to apply all over your face! ??Use this mixture as often as you can -at least once a week! WHY THIS WORKS!???? The main ingredient that does the work here is CAYENNE PEPPER - it contains capsaicin which helps to stimulate hair growth if you have “lazy” hair follicles that dont grow hair as fast - the capsaicin helps to boost their growth as well to get you more VOLUME and THICKNESS hair grows faster when your blood circulation increases to your follicles increased blood circulation = FAST and HEALTHY hair growth! ????LIKE this video if you enjoyed it! Help a sis out fam!!??tag a friend who wants to grow their hair fast!?????? Disclaimer: test patch first!

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Originally posted May 5, 2018, updated June 29, 2018. 

If you have a more serious hair loss problem, here are some tips on getting to the bottom of it. And here's a genius tip for using the last bits of (non-peppered) coconut oil.

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