Why These 5 Celebs Swear by Coconut Oil

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When it comes to coconut oil, there's some debate about whether eating it is good for you—it gets raves from nutritionists for its effect on cholesterol levels, but the American Heart Association recently gave serious side-eye to its saturated fat.

But coconut oil's reputation as a natural skin-care and hair MVP is pretty much unscathed (Jordan Younger notwithstanding)—and it seems like there's about 100 ways to use the stuff, many of which we learned from the hordes of coconut oil-obsessed celebs like Nicole Richie, Priyanka Chopra, Olivia Culpo, and more.

Why is Hollywood so in love with coconut oil? Keep reading for the stars' top DIY beauty tips.

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Nicole Richie

Going from blonde to every shade of lilac takes a very real toll on your hair. "I bleached my hair so much last year that I’m now in a detox," she says. Adding that the road to recovery is "all about coconut oil and a slick back” which yes, does limit you to two hair styles.

Photo: Instagram/@priyankachopra

Priyanka Chopra

Lots of celebs are putting the stuff in their hair, but the Quantico star takes it a step further: "I do a warm coconut oil hair massage—this is a definite must for me and I try to do this as often as I can, given the regular beating my hair takes." She adds, "It keeps the hair strong, nourished, and protected and even prevents hair loss."

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Eva Mendes

Another devotee of coconut oil hair treatments, Mendes knows how to strike a balance, saying, "I’ll just leave it in my hair and put a shower cap on it and sleep with it overnight. I go after that beachy look, but obviously, that can leave your hair feeling unhealthy, so I really like this coconut oil trick.”

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Zoe Kravitz

Bleached hair creates special challenges in terms of hair health—something Kravitz knows firsthand. "My hair breaks really easily, and I think I leave a trail of blonde hair everywhere I go right now," she says. Solution? Yep, your trusty $7 sidekick.

Photo: Instagram/@oliviaculpo

Olivia Culpo

You know your friend who says she uses coconut oil for everything? Even she might learn a thing or two from Culpo. "I shave with it, I use it as a moisturizer, I also wear it as a hair mask, face mask—it’s my ultimate natural beauty secret." Then there's this can't-believe-I-never-tried-it-hack: "I also use [it] with my lip liner sometimes to create a really natural long-lasting stain. I’ll rub a little bit of my lip liner on my hand and then I’ll take the coconut oil—just a finger swab—and I’ll rub it in the liner. It’ll create a really beautiful natural stain that lasts all day and is so hydrating for the lips."

Believe it or not, you can hack your jar of coconut oil a little bit more. Here's how to get every last ounce out of your jar and how to use it to make your hair grow

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