‘I’m a Dietitian, and This Coconut Smoothie Bowl Is One of My Favorite Breakfasts’

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Looking for an easy, delicious breakfast to shake up your routine? Try this RD-approved coconut smoothie bowl.

It's easy for breakfast to become repetitive, especially because the days all blend together right now. Consider it high time to switch up your 198-mornings-in-a-row oatmeal breakfast with this creamy coconut smoothie bowl from nutritionist Maya Feller, RD. It's the perfect combination of sweet and savory, and it's something you can actually have at any time of day, Feller says. However, she particularly enjoys it as an antioxidant- and nutrient-rich breakfast. She shows us how to whip up this easy dish in the latest episode of Cook With Us.

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"My family is from the Caribbean, and we grew up doing coconut everything," says Feller. "I absolutely love coconut." Coconut is full of electrolytes, which help keep you hydrated. Of particular note is the electrolyte potassium (abundant in coconut) which has been shown to help reduce blood pressure levels. However, because the recipe uses coconut cream and full-fat coconut, which are both sources of plant-based saturated fat, Feller says to "be mindful and make an intentional choice as you're serving yourself so it fits into how you want to nourish your body." Studies have shown that it is important to be mindful of your saturated fat content, even the plant-based sources.

A smoothie bowl is only as good as its toppings, and Feller adds a combo of nutritious ingredients on top of the creamy coconut smoothie base. One of them is blueberries, which she loves because they are "filled with phytonutrients," she says. To get the rest of the toppings, plus the details on how to make this creamy, antioxidant-rich coconut smoothie bowl, watch the video above.

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