Take This Buzzy Coffee Quiz To Figure Out the Best Roast, Bean, and Brew Method for Your Palate

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Wait a minute. Is this like the grown-up, glow-up version of a childhood game of M.A.S.H., but instead of figuring out your life partner, you’re learning the perfect type of coffee for you? Why, yes...yes it is.

Needless to say, coffee is a very personal topic—we all have specific preferences regarding how we like it. So, what better way to learn even more about what we do (and don’t) want from our non-negotiable daily cup of coffee than with the help of an interactive quiz that determines the best roast, bean, and brew method for your palate? Head over to the quiz here to find your caffeine soulmate.

Why coffee drinks of all kind will benefit from taking this quiz

The folks at Partners Coffee, a Brooklyn-based small-batch coffee roaster, have crafted the perfect coffee quiz that helps you determine the correct type of java for you. The simple four-question test analyzes your preferred taste, body or mouthfeel, brewing method, and expertise level. Upon completing the exam, you’ll get a personalized recommendation for the type of coffee that is best-suited to you and your test preferences.

Though the quiz is simple and takes no more than two minutes to complete, the questions break down the anatomy of coffee to help you make the right choice. For starters, to best understand the flavors of coffee you might like, you're given several familiar options to choose from, like chocolatey, fruity, or nutty notes. To further delve into the nuances of coffee, the exam assesses your preferred “body” or mouthfeel and the way coffee tends to settle on your tongue. For this, the options include light, medium, or heavy.

Up next, the quiz also takes into consideration the type of equipment you have at hand, which correlates to the kind of coffee you’ll need. In this section, they offer six different methods for brewing, including a Chemex, pour-over method, or cold brewing, to name a few. And lastly, the quiz will ask you for your expertise level, which ranges from beginner to master brewer, further helping to hone in on the perfect beans for you. (And the amount of time you likely want—or not—to spend making your morning brew.)

I tried taking the coffee quiz—here's what I learned

Frankly, I haven’t been this excited about a test since the time I was sorted into house Gryffindor on the Harry Potter sorting quiz. So, when given the opportunity to learn more about my favorite gut-healthy drink of all time, you bet I hopped right on it.

Here’s exactly what I learned from my test. When it comes to coffee, I’m team sweet, hands down. For the sake of the quiz, I narrowed it down to coffees with a chocolate flavor profile—since I could only choose one option. In terms of mouthfeel, I prefer a medium-bodied coffee that’s not too light and watery but not too heavy either. In terms of method, although I typically use my Nespresso coffee machine for a quick and easy cup of joe, I’ll admit that pour-over coffee might be my all-time favorite. That said, I chose the pour-over as my equipment of choice. As for my expertise level, I went with intermediate.

Now the big reveal. According to my test, not one but two coffee choices are best suited for my palate—the Brooklyn and Colombia - El Ramo. The Brooklyn medium coffee has notes of milk chocolate, toffee, and dried fruit, which is very much up my alley when it comes to flavor. Meanwhile, the Colombia - El Ramo coffee has a medium-light body and has notes of peach, fresh cream, and vanilla. Yes, yes, and yes.

What I found most interesting about Partners Coffee is their commitment to freshness. They roast the beans only once an online order is placed to help ensure that it’s as fresh as possible by the time it gets in your hands. What’s more, on the website, you can also choose the grind type to best accommodate the brewing method—for example, a medium grind is ideal for pour-over coffee. All in all, it was fun to learn more about the type of coffee best suited to my palate (and personality).

An RD shares the benefits of drinking coffee:

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