This $15 Cleansing Milk Rivals Micellar Water When You Need to Melt Away Makeup

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Removing makeup is one of my least favorite things, ever. Putting it on? Always a good time. But when it comes time to take it off, it can be really hard to get rid of every last bit—looking at you, liquid eyeliner!—for a totally clean face. While micellar water typically comes through like a champ, there's another buy that might just be even better.

The cult-fave Collosol No Rinse Cleansing and Softening Milk ($15) won't break the bank, but it delivers results comparable to pricey department store brands. You only need to put a few drops of the beloved French-girl product on a cotton pad to remove all traces makeup on your face. It also doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and stripped in the process. Instead, it's left super-soft and glowy. Reviewers say it's great for their sensitive skin, too, removing makeup without any irritation.

Now that all already sounds great, but what's really cool about this product is that it's a twofer. You can use Collosol Cleansing Milk for a luxurious bath, too. All it takes it two or three capfuls added to warm water for a gentle soak that nourishes your skin from head to toe.

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