Why You Should Be Color Bathing in the Shower With LED Lights

Here's what the rainbow can do for you.

I recently met a woman who takes morning baths, and while she is definitely my new #goals icon, who can fit a soak into their a.m. (or even p.m.) routines? This is why amped-up showers, replete with shower plants, shower bombs, and shower-specific masks (you get the idea), are a wellness obsession.

One under-the-radar accessory that could take your bathing experience to the next level combines two buzzy elements—LED lighting and color therapy. The lighting system from Bathology is just one example of this technology, which experts say could be emotionally therapeutic and potentially beneficial to your skin at the same time—without adding any additional steps to your shower routine. *Score*.

New York-based dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD, says that while she's not aware of specific studies to suggest it, she thinks there could be something to gain from LED usage. "I like LEDs for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, and these may provide those to the scalp and skin," she says. (Other LED delivery systems are known for their blemish-clearing capabilities as well as their effects on collagen production when held against skin for a designated treatment time, usually around five or 10 minutes.)

This technology could be emotionally therapeutic and potentially beneficial to your skin at the same time—without adding any additional steps to your shower routine. *Score*.

Color therapy experts Arden Reece from Four Moons Spa and Walaa AlMuhaiteeb, meanwhile, say the rainbow-hued lights that such products include (with varying diversity) could have another benefit that comes from a good old-fashioned mood boost. AlMuhaiteeb says she actually uses colors in her showers and baths.

So how does each color affect a bathing beauty? Below, AlMuhaiteeb and Reece explain how you can shower yourself (literally or mentally) with the hue you need.

Keep reading to see what your favorite color can do for your bathing repertoire.

LED shower lights and how they benefit mood
Stocksy: Photo/Jacqui Miller


Red, says AlMuhaiteeb, is the color of unlimited vitality. "It's a great wake-up call for when you have a high-intensity day ahead," she says. Reece agrees that this light can even help foster or build upon the creative ideas that showering is already known to enable. "It energizes your mind," she says.


In contrast, says Reece, blue is calming. "This is a great color to decompress with as it's restful and sedate," she explains. "It will slow down your body and mind so if you are anxious or stressed, a blue shower could certainly assist." However, she cautions, this color should be avoided if you're feeling, well, blue.


Post-workout, you might want to go green, says Reece. "This is the perfect color for helping to reducing tension," she explains (mimicking the great outdoors, after all). Try using it when concentrating on a single idea or even meditating.


Pink is a good choice if you need to feel more loved, says AlMuhaiteeb. "It's a great color to help cultivate self-love and also attract love into your life," she explains, noting that it's good for bolstering gratitude, too.


Perhaps unexpectedly—at least for me—the pros associate orange with sex drive. "Orange would be great when you want to feel more love and increase your sexual stamina," says AlMuhaiteeb. Reece adds that not only will it help to boost your mood and inspire playfulness, the sunset color could also help give you a glow.


Skip the coffee and have a yellow-hued shower, according to Reece. "It's another good color to start the day off with as it helps to wake you up," she says. It also, she explains, lifts your spirits and inspires cheerfulness, an assertion that AlMuhaiteeb agrees with. "Yellow is great when you are having major self-doubt and you need added sunshine."

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