I’m a Mascara Skeptic, but This $8 Tube Might Have Me Convinced

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As a self-admitted clutterbitch, my makeup philosophy mirrors my decor inclination—I try to work in as many bright and sparkly cosmetics as I can to achieve the exact opposite of no-makeup-makeup. That includes: red and blue eyeshadows, a highlighter that is almost blinding, and the continued use of lip liner (despite it being, like, the only '90s trend that hasn't made a comeback). But, I've never really gotten into mascara, which is, for all intents and purposes, starter makeup to my crimson lids' dash of daringness. That is, until 7 tubes of $8 Colourpop mascara made their way into my vanity.

To be quite honest, I'm not sure that I've own another single full-sized tube of mascara. To me, mascara either didn't have a noticeable impact on my eyelashes, it didn't make enough of an impact once I put my glasses over my shellacked fringe, or it morphed my lashes into three giant long clumps. So, when I first tried Colourpop BFF mascara ($8) I was skeptical to say the least. The mascara comes in 7 shades total: black, lilac, hot pink, red, teal, yellow, and navy.

colourpop mascara review
Photo: Colourpop

And so, I pulled out the black tube and mindlessly combed it into my eyelashes before sauntering off to watch TV, and TBH, I forgot I had it on. Half and hour later, I walked past a mirror and caught a glimpse of myself looking bold and beautiful. "Who is she?" I asked myself outloud. The mascara did make my eyelashes longer, but that didn't impress me as much as the fact that the formula made them look fluttery and thick AF. When I wear makeup, I want people to be able to tell that it's there and thanks to the consistency and the ultra-black payoff, there's no missing that I'm wearing mascara. And with that, my makeup bag is now a little more crowded.

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