The Astrological Effect of K2, the Comet About To Buzz Earth—And the One Zodiac Sign That May Feel It the Most

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A ball of ice and dust leftover from the formation of the solar system (a hot 4.6 billion years ago), Comet K2 is moving as close to Earth as it’s ever been this week. While you’ll still need a telescope (or very strong binoculars) to spot K2's glowing tail around 11 p.m. EST on July 14, astronomers are particularly jazzed about its trip, given that it's one of the farthest inbound comets ever detected. That makes it one of the most ancient entities to ever enter our inner solar system. All of this excitement could trickle into the astrological realm, too, delivering the cosmic winds of change.

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Like a symbolic messenger from another place and time, any comet shuttling toward Earth may invite us to shift our perspectives, according to intuitive astrologer and psychic medium Rachel Lang, author of Modern Day Magic. “When comets appear, we may be sloughing off old aspects of culture, clearing the air, or moving through an energetic detox,” she says. “Comets signify a release of psychic and energetic debris.” And Comet K2, she anticipates, will be no exception.

Though she suspects that the astrological effect of Comet K2 will be most potent in December, as the comet reaches perihelion (the point at which it's closest to the sun), we can still expect to sense its energy as it passes by Earth this week—in part because of the celestial context of the moment. (ICYMI, there's also a full moon in Capricorn—known as the super "Buck Moon"—happening this week, right as the comet goes by.) Recently, we’ve also experienced significant solar activity via solar flares, “which can activate our electromagnetic field and make everything feel a little more charged,” says Lang. “And this comet will just serve to magnify that tension.”

“We may be able to access more wisdom and insights or have sudden ‘aha’ moments that can lead to change down the line, both personally and societally.” —Rachel Lang, astrologer and psychic medium

But again, the intense energy here may be just what’s necessary to precipitate a helpful breakthrough; after all, positive change rarely comes by maintaining the status quo. “This is a time of letting go and of clearing,” Lang says. “We may be able to access more wisdom and insights or have sudden ‘aha’ moments that can lead to change down the line, both personally and societally.” And in the wake of an emotional full moon in Capricorn nestled next to transformative Pluto on July 13, this vibe may feel particularly strong, she adds.

Because Comet K2 is closest to Sagittarius in the cosmos as it nears Earth, folks who have their sun or ascendant in this sign may be more aware of its astrological effect. “Sagittarians might feel inspired to take action on a situation that’s stalled or otherwise become unstuck,” says Lang.

Though that might all sound intimidating or even scary, Lang emphasizes that the influence of a comet like K2 will likely leave us all with more answers than questions in the end, ultimately pushing us toward an essential new chapter.

In fact, looking at the north node of the comet—aka the point where this celestial body’s orbit intercepts the ecliptic plane—offers some reassurance that its overall message will be supportive, adds Lang. “Its north node lies at 28-29 degrees of Gemini, which is a degree that indicates our ability to take what’s happening in the collective and meaningfully transform it.” Translation? This is a time of intense change, but we'll likely come out the other side transformed for the better.

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