11 Comfortable Bras For Every Boob Size That You Won’t Want To Rip Off Immediately

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Photo: Getty/Luis Alvarez
Right before the lockdowns began, I purchased several sets of lingerie to wear when the guy who I was seeing long-distance moved to LA. For various reasons—global pandemic, slash, he had a girlfriend I didn't know about—this lingerie has sat unused in my closet. I found it the other day and looked at the underwire in a mixture of awe and fear, much like how I imagine the first person to dig up a dinosaur skeleton looked at it.

I've been team no-bra for basically all of the time I've been working from home, but I will concede that there are certain times when a bra is a good idea. Like, for Zoom meetings or dancing around your apartment to "WAP" with your windows wide open because it's sweltering inside your apartment. So, here are comfortable bras for every boob size, with nary an underwire in sight.

Alo Delight Bralette, $58

Alo Comfortable Bra
Photo: Alo

Not only is this Alo bra super comfortable, it also has magical boob-perking-up abilities. When I put it on in the morning, I can almost convince myself that I'll actually work out after work instead of succumbing to my existential dread.

Shop now: Alo Delight Bralette, $58

Lunya Supportive Modal Well-Rounded Bralette, $55

Lunya Comfortable Bra
Photo: Lunya

I never saw the appeal of wearing clothes to bed until 2020 decided to throw in some scary earthquakes in California, and I realized I may have to leave my house at a moment's notice. I'd prefer not to do that in the nude. This bra is actually comfortable enough to sleep in. It's also supportive without being bulky, i.e. perfect if I need to flee my home into the arms of a firefighter.

Shop now: Lunya Supportive Modal Well-Rounded Bralette, $55

Richer Poorer Cut Out Bralette, $32

Richer Poorer Comfortable Bra
Photo: Richer Poorer

IDK if this was on purpose or not, but the cutout at the front of this bra is really good for boob-airflow purposes. It comes in an array of colors including mauve and evergreen.

Shop now: Richer Poorer Cut Out Bralette, $32

Brabar Soft V Crop Bra, $36

Brabar Comfortable Bra
Photo: BraBar

This bra fits sizes AA to DDD, and is designed to be worn front or back. I'm partial to the deeper V of the back, because it's perfect for the thirst trap photos I post on my IG stories, which my mother always responds to in a disapproving manner.

Shop now: Brabar Soft V Crop Bra, $36

Proclaim Tencel Bralette, $59

Proclaim Comfortable Bra
Photo: Proclaim

This sustainable, silky soft bralette fits cup sizes A to DDD. It comes in black and three different shades of neutral. I'd bop around my apartment in the black version with a pair of lounge shorts. That way, I'm decent enough should someone glimpse me through my open windows, but cool enough not to drown in my own sweat because my dog is hogging our single fan.

Shop now: Proclaim Tencel Bralette, $59

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette, $28

Calvin Klein Comfortable Bra
Photo: Calvin Klein

It is only slightly hyperbolic to say I am boiling alive in my apartment this summer, therefore I need as little fabric on my skin as possible. This cotton bralette is lightweight and doesn't smother my boobs, comes in a variety of colors, and is available in sizes XS to 3XL.

Shop now: Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette, $28

Pepper Limitless Wirefree Bra, $48

Pepper Comfortable Bra
Photo: Pepper

This bra is designed for people with AA to B cup sizes, and the cups are specially molded to prevent gaping and bunching. Reviewers say it's smooth under clothes, should you need to actually leave your house or get on a Zoom call.

Shop now: Pepper Limitless Wirefree Bra, $48

Lively The Busty Bralette, $35

Lively Comfortable Bra
Photo: Lively

One of the first times I tried to do a flat lay on Instagram was with this bralette, many years ago. I cringe about this every time I wear this bra, which is quite often because it is so comfortable and manages my 34D boobs without smooshing them. They also make a version of their bralette for smaller chests, and a maternity bralette.

Shop now: Lively The Busty Bralette, $35

Champion Cami Sports Bra, $23

Champion Comfortable Bra
Photo: Amazon

Since this is a sports bra, you won't even have to change when five o'clock rolls around and it's time for you to begrudgingly attend that virtual yoga class your friend made you agree to. It feels like the material of your coziest sweatshirt, and comes in sizes XS to XL.

Shop now: Champion Cami Sports Bra, $23

Hatch The Easy Bra, $48

Hatch Comfortable Bra
Photo: Hatch

I am not pregnant, which I know because I have been quarantining alone since March and have completely forgotten what human touch feels like. But I still like this bra because it's a comfy rayon-spandex blend. Reviewers say that it's great for when you're pregnant and as a nursing bra.

Shop now: Hatch The Easy Bra, $48

Aerie Real Free Longline Bandeau Bralette, $14

Aerie Comfortable Bra
Photo: Aerie

I wasn't allowed to wear tube tops when I was younger, and I'm still salty about it. So I'm living out my early 2000s dreams with this ultra-soft bandeau.

Shop now: Aerie Real Free Longline Bandeau Bralette, $14

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