10 Comfy and Stylish Sandals to Help You Make Every Summer Step a Happy One

In preparation for summer-sandal weather, you've given yourself a quick DIY pedicure and have even avoided certain heat-inducing foods that cause your hooves to sweat—but none of that really matters if you're still smothering your toes in full-coverage shoes. Hey, your tootsies deserve to benefit from the seasonal influx of vitamin D, right!?! (I mean, as if you needed another reason to ditch your well-worn sneakers for a pair of strappy sandals….)

In celebration of summer, as well as well-groomed feet, I've found some comfortable and stylish sandal picks for your workleisure and off-duty looks. There are chic slides and sneaker-sandal hybrids that'll have you moving in style from barre to brunch, and mules to class up fancy nights out without compromising the cushy landing pad your heels deserve. The offerings start at $40, and none will hide your crystal- and geode-inspired nail art or other creative toe designs. Just remember that the one downside to sandal weather is bizarre tan lines—so make sure to triple-check that you've rubbed sunscreen everywhere.

Peruse the 10 stylish summer sandals below.

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