Pants Are All but Obsolete—Here Are Comfortable Underwear Options to Wear Instead

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Walmart made headlines after reporting that its shirt sales were soaring above its pants sales now that most of America is currently working from home. This, of course, proved what most of us probably already knew to be true: there is no need for pants in a world where everyone is socially distancing. These days, the "Winnie the Pooh" look—aka a shirt and some comfortable women's underwear —are completely appropriate, IMHO.

Because who the heck cares what you've got on from the waist down when all your co-workers can see on Zoom is your shirt? As long as you know how to properly turn off your camera to avoid any embarrassing video mishaps, rocking undies all day is truly the best way to live. To help you fully commit to the lifestyle, we rounded up some of the most comfortable pairs of underwear out there. Pair them with a work appropriate shirt and consider yourself business casual.

The Most Comfortable Women's Underwear

comfortable women's underwear parade
Parade, Ultra-Soft Re:Play Brief — $11.00

Parade’s underwear offerings (which you may have seen on social media lately) are so soft and breathable, they feel like you’ve got nothing on at all—and they’re made from recycled material so you can feel good about investing in multiple pairs. The brief style is perfectly cut for high-waisted, full coverage, and comes in sizes up to 3XL. The brand is also donating $1 to Feeding America for every underwear photo posted to Instagram this month (with their products or anyone else’s) with the hashtag #paradetogether, so there’s never been a better time to buy a cute new pair and show them off online (again, maybe not on that work Zoom call).

comfortable women's underwear lulu lemon
Lululemon, InvisiWear Mid-Rise Cheeky Bikini — $18.00

If you think Lululemon’s leggings are comfortable, just wait until you try the underwear. Half of the Well+Good team swears by these babies. They’re made for movement, which means you can wear them for all of your midday yoga flows in-between conference calls, and are designed so that they won’t chafe no matter what you’re doing in them.

comfortable women's underwear aerie
Aerie, Modal Ribbed Boybrief — $9.00

These boy briefs are so cozy, you’ll want to wear them all day and all night long (they’re A+ for sleeping in, too). But the best part? Aerie has a huge variety styles, so that you can wear a different color every day of the week.

comfortable women's underwear okko thong
Okko, Signature Thong — $14.00

If you’re of the “thongs are comfortable” camp (which, you do you!), this option is one of the best. It’s made with seamless, soft-stretch performance fabric that won’t chafe of dig into your skin, and comes in various neutral shades so that it’s basically invisible, whether you’re wearing pants or not.

comfortable women's underwear warners
Warners, No Pinching No Problems Lace Trimmed Hipster Panty — $6.00

Finding underwear that will make you feel sexy and comfy isn’t an easy feat, but these babies fit the bill. They’re stretchy, yet silky, and 100 percent of the people who’ve purchased them (plus some people on team Well+Good) have given them five stars and would recommend them for lounging around in on the reg.

comfortable women's underwear hanes
Hanes, Women's Cool Comfort Microfiber Brief Underwear, 10-pack — $19.00

On your next drugstore run, grab yourself an eight-pack of high-waisted Hanes, which will keep your butt covered for all of those hours of sitting but won’t ride up when you walk to the fridge for a snack break.

comfortable women's underwear gap
Gap, Breathe Bikini — $15.00

This classic fan-favorite has many reviewers calling it the “best underwear they’ve ever worn” on Gap’s website. They’re made with super-soft jersey, and are perfect to wear under sweatpants, leggings, or all on their own.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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