Quiz: Find the Summer Outfit You’ll Be Willing To Change Out of Pajamas for, Based on Why You’re Leaving the House

If you've become a professional Zoom dresser (noun: one who permanently dons sweatpants with a rotating collection of shirts), you could probably use some getting-ready inspiration for heading out into the world this summer.

But if last year taught us anything, it's that our former combos of hard pants and constricting tops just won't cut it anymore. Comfort has taken over as the most important element to consider when putting together a proper 'fit—regardless of whether you're strolling around the farmers' market or going into the office again.

To prove that looking cute and feeling like your at-home cozy self are not mutually exclusive, we styled four different comfy summer outfits that can take you, well, wherever it is you like to go. All you have to do is take the quiz below to land on the style that matches your go-to summertime plans.

From a pair of coveralls you'll willingly run errands in for hours to the perfect sundress ensemble, these 100 percent cotton pieces—that you'll be able to re-style over and over again—show that you don't have to sacrifice your love for all things comfort in order to get dressed for the real world.

Take the quiz below to find the comfy summer outfits you'll actually give up sweatpants for.

Breezy + Beachy

Comfort will always take the front seat—whether that's on beach trips or picnics in the park—but your natural style always shines through. This bright, wear-anywhere dress-and-tee combo gives off easy breezy vibes, and pairing it with sturdy-yet-sleek sneakers won't slow down any of your warm-weather plans.

Casual Cool

From farmers' market runs to impromptu hiking weekends with your best friend, you evoke a sense of effortless coolness that comes through in your clothes, too. Throw on these 100 percent cotton coveralls over a breathable tank in a summery hue, add some fun socks and a pair of Tevas, and you've got yourself an outfit formula to last you through all your summer adventures.

Workout Chic

For you, comfort has always been a way of life (the concept of athleisure was basically tailor made for you). That means updating your vibe for 2021 is as simple as finding a staple pair of joggers (in every color) that you can mix and match with your go-to "oh I just threw this on" tee every time you step out the door. And, of course, keep the post-sweat hair creases at bay with this cotton scrunchie that doubles as a part-time accessory.

On-Trend + Stylish

You're always one step ahead when it comes to the latest trends, and you're never one to turn down a chance to show off your in-the-know style (even if that's just a mirror selfie at home). These trousers add a dash of sophistication to any solid tank or tee you have in your dresser. And by spicing up your look with the right shoes and your favorite mix of accessories, you'll be perfectly outfitted for your weekly BFF coffee dates or post-work outdoor hangs—while feeling equally as comfy as you do trendy.

Top photo: Getty Images/Margo Ovcharenko

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