A Dermatologist Wants You To Know That These 3 Common Skin-Care Myths Are Totally Untrue

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There are certain skin-care myths that many of us were introduced to as kids, and taken as fact ever since. But over on skin-care TikTok, Muneeb Shah, MD, a board-certified dermatologist (aka @dermdoctor) revealed that many of these "tried-and-true" beliefs aren't all they're cracked up to be. Recently, he spilled the tea on three common skin-care myths that need to be put to rest (RIP) once and for all.

MYTH: Fried foods cause acne

Truth: This is false! Though there are other reasons you may not want to eat fried food every day (for example, it may make you constipated or mess with your bladder health), there's no science to support the idea that it can trigger a breakout. That said, there are certain foods that can make acne worse. Sugar, for example, can cause flare-ups in certain individuals (though not everyone), as can milk, certain wheat products, and eggs—all of which have the potential to cause inflammation in your gut, which in turn shows up on your face in the form of pimples.

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MYTH: Neosporin is good for injuries 

Truth: While this may have worked for you in years past, it’s not a universal salve. Dr. Shah cites a “high risk of allergy” as the primary reason you may want to avoid it—and scientific literature backs this up. Instead, derms recommend using good ol' Vaseline (or any sort of petroleum jelly ointment) for healing.

MYTH: Hydrogen Peroxide is your best bet for cleaning wounds

Truth: It’s been shown that alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can “harm the tissue and delay healing,” according to a 2017 study. All that stinging on our skinned knees growing up... And for what? “Soap and water are better,” says Dr. Shah.

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