These Companies’ Dreamy Gyms Might Be Reason Enough to Submit a Job App

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In a perfect world, every company would have a killer gym for you to run off to the second your workday ends (or during your lunch break!). While that might not yet be the case, there are definitely a handful of options to daydream about while you're sitting in your cubicle—and, according to Glassdoor, all the businesses are hiring.

So, now might be the time to ditch your current position for some next-level work-life balance, available via covetable roles nationwide and beyond.

Apply at one of these companies to score the dreamiest gym.

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1. Nike

Nike is currently hiring for a slew of positions in cities including Portland, Oregon, Boston and San Francisco. Those in Oregon, at the world headquarters, have access to the most impressive workout space: the famed 60,000-square-foot training center that has weight rooms, yoga studios, a rock-climbing wall, a swimming pool, and more.

2. Lululemon

Lululemon is known for offering free fitness classes and other perks at all locations, but the company's Vancouver headquarters has a super-swanky workout area with a relaxing yoga and meditation room and locker rooms that give Equinox a run for its money.

3. Twitter

Twitter has hundreds of jobs open across the country for those who are searching—whether that dream role is in engineering, marketing, or sales, to name a few—and you get serious gym perks based on the location. While some offices have yoga studios, others are all about CrossFit, providing versatile options for your sweat sesh.

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4. Facebook

Feel like spinning or doing some rock climbing? Facebook has everything you need. The company is hiring new employees everywhere from Detroit to Austin, but the headquarters in Menlo Park, California, likely offers dream fitness space amenities.

These 13 gyms cost less than $100 per month. Or, check out some of New York's swankiest workout dens.

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