Found: The Gadget That Turns Any Old Tub Into a Full-On Whirlpool (and It’s Honestly So Much Cheaper)

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One of the best things you can do to unwind on vacation is fill the fancy hotel bathtub with warm water, turn on the jets, and soak your bod as you look out the window at the Swedish Alps (yes, I'm daydreaming). Sure, you could take a bath in your—let's call it what it is—tub... but it's not quite the same. The next best thing, though? Get yourself this Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa ($50) for a bubbly whirlpool experience in your home tub.

While bath extras like essential oils, CBD, bubbles, and candles can make your soaking sesh pleasant, it's the whirlpool jets that really make you feel like you're soaking in luxury. The Jet Bath Spa hangs over the edge of your tub, and the dual jet attachment works underneath the water to bubble your bath into a full-on whirlpool. It's incredibly simple to set up (like, it'll take less time to get this puppy going than it will to open that bottle of wine that you have set aside for your self-care session). You can even easily move it to other parts of your tub so that the jets hit all parts of your bod.

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The force of air that the jets propel underwater against your back (or neck or shoulders) make it feel extra-special. You get the double-whammy of a soak and the bubbles that are enough to feel like a pseudo-massage. Of course, since it's a relatively small contraption, you won't get the sort of pressure that pushes you all over your tub, but it's just enough TLC to make your muscles chill out as you relax. If you're the type of bather who likes to add Epsom salts or any other bath product, the jets also help to perfectly swirl them around the water evenly. No crunchy bathing here.

Anti-bath peeps like myself can even be persuaded to fill up the tub when they get their hands on such a device. I tend to get bored when taking a bath, which is why I rarely turn to my tub for self-care. But the jet action from this product makes my New York City bathtub feel more like I'm at the spa (especially when I close my eyes). It's amazing what whirlpool-spurring jets can do to the soaking experience. The best part of all? You can snag this for a fraction of the cost of going to an actual bathhouse.

For the ultimate bath experience, watch below to copy healer Kelsey Patel's "goddess bath" routine:

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