3 Ways to Connect With Nature Even When You’re Stuck Inside

Even if you'd typically choose a living room yoga flow over a trail run, too much time inside can make anyone want to hug a tree...and not just in a metaphorical way. (There's a reason no one calls it the great indoors.)

If you're feeling extra cooped up at home right now, it's totally normal to be dreaming of park days or beachside hangs with your friends. But just because you're likely spending less time in nature right now, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate all the things there are to love about it.

There's a reason no one calls it the great indoors.

Case in point: This month, Boxed Water—the plant-based alternative to plastic bottles—is celebrating planting over 1 million trees in national forests (where most Americans' drinking water comes from, FYI). And, the milestone is all a result of people posting on social media using the #BetterPlanet hashtag—aka something you definitely don't need to leave your house to do.

So though it may not look like the way you'd typically hang outside, it is possible to connect with nature without leaving your home—it just takes a bit of creativity.

Keep scrolling for 3 ways to connect with nature without leaving your living room.

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Take a virtual nature walk

Don't view tech as the enemy to the au natural vibe you're going for—according to research, even just viewing images of nature can help you feel more relaxed. *Immediately changes phone background to ocean photo.*

Whether it's by watching Discovery Channel documentary reruns (what is it about those narrators' voices that's just so soothing?) or tuning into outdoor workouts on social media, you can absolutely use the internet to your advantage to get your nature fix.

Want an idea on where to start? Boxed Water is hosting a live video celebration of its tree-planting efforts on May 15. Mark your calendar, and join in to celebrate the progress (since there are a ton of reasons more trees is better for the planet), and find out the plan for removing 500 million tons of carbon dioxide from the air over the trees' lifetime.

Bring greenery inside

Research shows that spending time in nature on the reg is good for your health (and not just because of the vitamin D you get from sunlight). To tap into those benefits without packing up for a camping trip, bring nature to you by becoming a plant parent.

Bringing home a new plant (or a few) can help purify your indoor air, beautify your space, generally lift your mood, and even help you become more compassionate—seriously, science says so.

And while you're working on your nurturing skills, actually naming your plant pet can take that connection to the environment one step further. (Wouldn't you like to be reminded of your favorite outdoor vacation every time you walk by Sunny the succulent?) Plus, if you submit your plant's name on Boxed Water's site, a tree will be planted in a national forest in its honor. It's a double win for your aspiring green thumb.

Stock up on plant-based products

Have you noticed how social distancing has had a positive impact on the environment? (Looking at you, Los Angeles smog.) Spending more time inside is a great opportunity to think about how you can keep doing your part for the planet even when you're back outside.

Try making a vegan or vegetarian recipe once a week, stocking up on environmentally friendly beauty products, or brainstorming ways to reduce your plastic consumption (Boxed Water's packaging is 92 percent plant-based and better for the environment than plastic or aluminum bottles). After all, making more choices that help you connect with nature and benefit the Earth is never a bad idea.

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Top photo: Stocksy/Addictive Creatives

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