7 Beautifully Functional Pieces From Marie Kondo’s New Collection at The Container Store

Photo: Courtesy of The Container Store x KonMari
There's something about organizing that makes my heart go pitter-patter. Especially when it's done in a way that's just as beautiful as it is useful. For example, tidying superstar Marie Kondo's new KonMari Collection in partnership with The Container Store perfectly embodies form-meets-function design.

The collection is available to shop on The Container Store's website, with members of the store's free loyalty program, POP!, receiving full access to the 115-piece line. Below you'll find just a few of the items that score high marks in terms of usefulness as well as aesthetics.

The best pieces from Marie Kondo's KonMari Collection at The Container Store

1. Shoji Bamboo Bin, $50

Shoji Bamboo Bin, container store marie kondo Baskets are hands-down one of the most useful organizational tools, especially for organizing exposed shelves. But, if wicker and the like don't fit you're aesthetic, you're at a bit of a loss. These super chic baskets introduce more options. Inspired by Japanese room dividers, these elegant baskets are great for added storage in minimalist spaces. This stylish bin is also available in unlined smaller sizes.

Shop now: Shoji Bamboo Bin, $50

2. Bamboo Drawer Dividers Set of 2, $25 to $35

Bamboo Drawer Dividers Set of 2

These gorgeous dividers are great for breaking up drawer space. Because you pick the placement, they allow a bit more freedom than you'd get from small drawer boxes. They come in two sizes, shallow ($25) and deep ($35).

Shop now: Bamboo Drawer Dividers Set of 2, $25 to $35

3. Shoji Bamboo Desktop File, $33

Shoji Bamboo Desktop File

File storage is typically big, bulky, and ugly. For the papers that you like to keep close by, this gorgeous desktop file holder will keep it stored in a beautiful way. This is one of many Shoji desk organizers available to keep your home office tidy.

Shop now: Shoji Bamboo Desktop File, $33

4. Ceramic Double Bottle Holder, $15

Ceramic Double Bottle Holder, container store marie kondo

Storing wine in the fridge means either taking up precious verticle space or storing bottles on their side to have them roll around when you move items on and off the shelf. This ceramic bottle holder changes that by holding two bottles of wine in place on their sides.

Shop now: Ceramic Double Bottle Holder, $15

5. Wide 2-Tier Bamboo Flatware Tray, $50

Wide 2-Tier Bamboo Flatware Tray,

When it comes to storing flatware, drawers can leave so much wasted space. This tiered tray takes advantage of all the vertical space, allowing you to get the most out of your drawers. It's also available in narrow ($40) for smaller drawers.

Shop now: Wide 2-Tier Bamboo Flatware Tray, $50

6. Legal-Size Kawaii Pouches Pkg/5, $15

Legal-Size Kawaii Pouches Pkg/5, container store marie kondo

Although part of the children's section of this line, these pouches are great for storing everything from nail polish bottles to phone chargers. The colorful zippers allow you to color-code your storage while the see-through pouches let you see what's inside. They also come in letter size ($12) and small ($10).

Shop now: Legal-Size Kawaii Pouches Pkg/5, $15

7. Cloud White Ceramic Spice Jar with Bamboo Lid, $7

Cloud White Ceramic Spice Jar with Bamboo Lid

I'll be first to admit that no one needs pretty ceramic spice bottles. But, having a few of these on display with your favorite spices is a great way to keep them close by without adding visual clutter. And if you're really feeling it, you can decant your entire spice collection and store them on these beautiful in-drawer spice racks available in wide ($40) and narrow ($30).

Shop now: Cloud White Ceramic Spice Jar with Bamboo Lid, $7

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