The Best Conversation Starters To Try, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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A lot of people find it daunting to strike up a conversation with individuals they don't know well. You want to be sure that you're not asking anything intrusive, but you also want to probe deep enough to be able to get to know them better. Knowing how to dance about that fine line without crossing it is tricky, but because intel from our astrological birth chart can illustrate certain themes we especially care about, it makes sense to play to your zodiac sign's strengths when you're not sure how to start a conversation. So, conversation starters based on your zodiac sign are great to know.

According to astrologer Rachel Lang, author of Modern Day Magic, our zodiac “sun signs are big indicators of our personality, so they show some of our preferences and how we express ourselves in the world.” She adds that our sun sign "also gives us clues about what fires us up," which is helpful to know so we can avoid having heated discussions with people we're meeting for the first or second time.

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Read on to learn how two astrologers suggest you use your zodiac sign's strengths to start conversations whenever, with whomever.

The best conversation starters based on your zodiac sign, according to astrologers


Pointing out that Aries rules the first house of self, astrologer Laura Chung says "I am" is basically a mantra for this fire sign. Using "I am" statements can remind Aries of how powerful they are, so the best way for them to start a conversation is with something as simple as stating their name and hometown or personal interests. Chung says that this is a great way to engage the other person, because it’ll encourage them to introduce themselves as a follow-up.


“Being ruled by Venus, Taurus is a very sensual sign,” says Chung. “Taurus loves food, fashion, and all of the things in life that give us pleasure,” which are all great conversation starters for this zodiac sign to lean on. Chung says asking questions about someone's favorite restaurant or movies they've watched recently are great ways in. Since Taurus also likes to work with their hands, talking about plants is another option, Chung says, adding that the subject may resonate with someone else as a topic of conversation.

However, Chung warns Taureans to steer clear of divisive topics and avoid being too rigid in their beliefs (which they have a tendency toward because of their fixed sign) or casting judgment over the beliefs of others.


Lang and Chung say that because of their innate curiosity, wit, and sociability, Geminis typically don’t have trouble talking to new people. If you’re struggling to come up with topics, though, you can ask questions about what the other person is reading or watching. Or, offer up an interesting fact to intrigue the other person. (Geminis tend to be well-read and have little-known facts tucked away in their minds.)

But, given that that Geminis “move very quickly and like to be stimulated with their minds...they might lose interest very quickly,” according to Chung—which is why it's important to make a concerted effort to keep interest. This will likely be easier if you start the conversation with something that you’re particularly intrigued by.


Cancers are nurturing, supportive, and love talking about feelings, dreams, and relationships. In terms of conversation starters based on your zodiac sign, Cancers may do well to discuss a new project they're working on or asking the other person how they’ve been feeling.

Cancer also has a strong intuition, which provides a good sense of how people are feeling before you even approach them, which means that you can ask questions based on what you observe a person is feeling. If they seem really happy, you could ask what has them smiling from ear to ear. If they're more low-energy, asking "You okay?" would work well to start a conversation. That said, Cancers should be careful to protect themselves from empathy burnout that may drain them of their energy. To do this, Chung and Lang suggest they be mindful of how much of themselves they share of themselves, as well as to avoid any topics that are personally triggering.


This fixed fire sign is “playful, creative, and joyful,” says Chung. “They are natural performers and can bring out the courage in shy personalities,” she adds. Leos may start conversations by telling a funny anecdotal story, because, as Lang says, they are excellent storytellers. Telling a personal story allows you to up and be vulnerable, which likely leads others to feel like they can do the same.

That said, Chung says “Leos should avoid talking about themselves in too much of a boastful way. Others may feel annoyed at Leos' longing for admiration [because] it might come across as ego-driven.” Stick to stories that are about you and give way for others to chime in on their achievements as well.


Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which also makes this sign an excellent conversationalist. But unlike Gemini, Virgo is an Earth sign, which means it may take them longer to start a conversation with someone new because they first want to observe and learn more about that person.

Additionally, Virgo rules the sixth house of work and health, which means they stand to benefit from asking about self-care routines and wellness practices. Lang adds that Virgos are also natural-born problem-solvers, so they may start a conversation by asking if someone has been struggling with something in particular, because doing so allows them to offer up their skills.

Virgo can be highly critical of others, Chung says, but it's important for them to communicate their feelings about the action instead of placing blame on the person who took said action. “Avoid being accusatory and placing judgment,” she says.


Intellectual air sign Libra, ruled by Venus (the planet of love), tends to be a great conversationalist, says Lang. Libras are often interested in other people, which is helpful for keeping conversations going. Because Libra rules the seventh house of relationships, they might ask people about their friends, colleagues, parents, or romantic partners if they are looking for conversation starters based on their zodiac sign.

Given Libra's inclination to play devil's advocate and consider all sides of a given issue, Chung advises Libras to not participate in any conversations that require committing to a stance. Instead, see yourself as the moderator.


Scorpio rules themes like sex, death, and money, but rather than inquiring about these topics, Chung suggests focusing on systems like capitalism, patriarchy, or power dynamics. Lang adds that “Scorpio generally wants to build trust early on, and they’ll do this by asking some deeper questions and probing into someone’s past or psychology.” But if implementing this conversation-starting strategy, Scorpio should be mindful to not overstep boundaries and make anyone feel uncomfortable. While Scorpios are well-equipped to deal with intense emotions, that’s not necessarily true of everyone, so try to keep things breezy.

Also, “avoid surface-level conversations that drain [your] energy," says Lang. "If people cannot match [your depth]'s best to find other people to talk to.” You can also try hinting that you’d like to talk about something that wouldn’t be considered typical small talk—like the prompts listed above.


Sagittarius is the philosopher of the zodiac, says Chung, and loves to travel the world to gain a lot of wisdom through lived experiences. In terms of conversation starters based on their zodiac sign, Sag might consider sharing travel memories or self-reflection lessons. Sagittarius also loves to hear about others’ travels and growth, so you can ask where others have traveled, where they’d like to go next, and something about themselves that they’ve worked to improve.

Furthermore, “conversations about philosophy or the meaning of life appeal to Sagittarius," says Lang. "You’re ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and this allows you to see the big picture while others get caught in the details.”


For ambitious, goal-oriented Capricorns, Lang says, conversations have to have a purpose. “You’re a practical person who usually has a goal or focus in mind. Talk about work, home projects, or ways you can share ideas and resources,” she adds. Due to your go-getter nature, some good questions to ask include “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and “What are your long-term goals?” says Chung. However, be sure to not only talk about work.


“For Aquarians, authenticity is paramount," says Chung. "They are the genius and humanitarian [of the zodiac]. Aquarians can be referred to as rebellious, progressive and unique.” To start a conversation while staying true to their spirit, Lang and Chung say Aquarians should consider talking about social-justice-minded or community-organizing-focused ideas and the creative process.

When coming up with conversation starters based on their zodiac sign, Aquarians must also tap into their intuition and read the room before speaking up. Otherwise, Chung says, they risk bringing up topics that are too shocking or that other people aren’t ready to discuss.


“Pisces is the most spiritual sign and…channels that spiritual channel into art, music, or movement, so a Pisces can strike up a conversation about dreams, music, or dancing,” says Chung. Lang adds that Pisces also likes to talk about feelings, life experiences, and relationships. “They want to know what’s happening in others’ hearts,” she says. “They’re also outward processors, so they crave conversations about what’s happening in their relationships and lives as well.” A quick question like “How are you feeling right now?” gets to that point.

As the empath of the zodiac, though, Pisces should be wary of being too sensitive to what others might say. Same goes for topics that are overly eccentric. If you see eyes starting to roll, that’s a good sign you might want to change the topic.

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