This Bookcase That Converts to a Dining Table Is the Most-Genius Thing We’ve Seen Today

Photo: Wayfair; Graphics: Well+Good Creative
When you call a tiny space home, finding pieces of furniture that pull double-duty feels like a major win. So if the surface area of your abode forces you to make tough decor decisions, this bookcase-slash-dining table will let you transform a living room easily from bookworm-chic to dinner party-ready.

The "Shirl Classy Standard Bookcase" ($620) by Wayfair stays true to its name: The retractable wooden piece has an elegant country aesthetic that you might expect to spot in Joanna Gaines' living room. But the five star feature of this fixture is that it converts from a bookshelf into a two-seater dining table using a sliding maneuver that doesn't necessitate moving all your trinkets, novels, and plants from its shelves. (Hallelujah!)

It's not magic, though it sounds like it is; the shelves are designed to stay level as the unit's converted, so their contents wind up on your tabletop in one piece. In the product description, the company adds that you can also use the bookshelf to display your carefully-made hors-d'oeuvres or potluck contributions during the mandatory pre-dinner socializing if you're feeling extra-fancy. Then, just impress all your guests with the transformation party trick.

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