Your 2019 Wellness Hero Is…Cookie Monster?

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From nailing the ABCs to tying shoelaces like a boss, Sesame Street has for generations taught children each and every one of life's most important lessons. To this day, there's plenty to be gleaned from the show's cast of charters, including Cookie Monster. The blue Muppet with an insatiable appetite for sugary confections proves to be the most unexpected wellness hero of 2019. And he's dispensing his expertise in the only way he knows how: cookie metaphors.

Of all the places to derive wellness inspiration, a furry fictional character from a beloved childhood TV is most unexpected. But Cookie Monster really knows his stuff. Judging by all the retweets, he's already energized thousands to focus in on themselves this year. In one tweet, he addresses self-care with a much-needed reminder that it's okay to treat yo' self.

In a clip from a recent episode of Sesame Street, Cookie Monster takes on workplace wellness, negotiating salary requirements, benefits (ahem, health insurance!), and paid time off—elements essential to achieving career satisfaction while staying both mentally and physically fit. (Not one to play hardball, Cookie Monster settles for single cookie as payment, but, hey, everybody has to start somewhere.)

If even Cookie Monster can prioritize self-care, there's really no excuse for you to let it slide. However, when following Cookie Monster's career advice and, say, negotiating a raise this year, be sure to ask for cold hard cash instead of baked goods.

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