14 Not-so-Basic Socks to Spice up Your Sneaker Game

Photo: Instagram/@hysteriabyhappysocks

Fact: Socks are the most overlooked item in your wardrobe. Think about what they do for your prized possessions, AKA your Stan Smiths, your Nike Cortezes, and your trusty Vans. Socks keeps your kicks fresh, and when paired with the right shoes, they can be the defining piece of your lewk. (Just ask Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.)

If you still see your socks as nothing more than a buffer between your post-HIIT-class foot sweat and your shoes, try thinking of them as footwear accessories instead. The wrong pair probably won't completely tank an outfit, but the right pair make ensemble special with very little effort. Need to take your sneakers up a notch in time for cocktail hour? Put on some star-embellished socks. Want to revive a pair of old shoes? Tulle socks. Really, the options are endless.

Here are some of the most fabulous pairs from all corners of the internet. Put them on, and your feet will thank you.

Flex your sock style with the snazzy pairs below.

Pair your stylish socks with a classic black sneaker or mix-and-match patterns with snakeskin kicks.

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