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These Luxe Bamboo Cooling Sheets Are the Dreamiest Thing I Own Right Now

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My constant refrain these days is, "you have to feel how soft this is." When someone enters my bedroom (and granted, amid the pandemic, that's not a lot of people) or even sees my bedroom via a Zoom call, I force them to acknowledge my new bamboo cooling sheets from Ettitude because now I'm pretty sure I'm never going to sleep on anything else.

Bamboo sheets are a sustainable bedding win because they're made from a highly sustainable fabric. Bamboo is a self-regenerative, easy-to-grow plant, and Ettitude uses conscious methods to make its signature CleanBamboo textile that's free of rayon and viscose technology that pose their own environmental concerns.

"Ettitude spent years refining and testing its signature textile to create an evolved and improved, new-generation bamboo fabric," says Phoebe Yu, co-founder and CEO of Ettitude. "Ettitude’s revolutionary CleanBamboo fabric is produced in a closed-loop system that recycles and reuses water up to 200 times, recycling 98 percent of water in the process. Seventy percent of the bamboo Ettitude harvests is used to create fiber, and the remaining 30 percent is composted."

So, if you buy Ettitude's cooling bamboo sheets, you're investing in an Earth-conscious bedsheet set of high craftsmanship. The trimmings for my full-size bed include the Signature Sateen Duvet Cover ($124), Signature Sateen Pillowcase Set ($40), and Signature Sateen Sheet Set ($138), which can be purchased individually or all together in the Signature Bedding Bundle (at a collectively slashed price of $247). And after only a few weeks of using them, I've recommended them to my best friend, several co-workers, and my mother. Here's why they're the best thing in my life right now.

Why I’m never going back after trying Ettitude's cooling bamboo sheets.

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Ettitude's CleanBamboo is feathery soft, thermo-regulating, extremely breathable, antimicrobial, and composed of 100 percent organic bamboo. The effect? A welcome cooling sensation. As of early March, my landlord has still been cranking the heat, so striking the perfect balance between being chill but not chilly has been great.

It also bears mentioning that cooling stand to improve your overall sleep quality, even if you don't suffer from night sweats. Sleep experts typically recommend a bedroom temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum sleep, and when you can't control the thermostat, bedding solutions can come in extra handy for better REM.

Then there’s the aforementioned eco-conscious appeal of bamboo. For its 2020 Impact Report, Ettitude engaged third party research group Clean Agency to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing CleanBamboo to cotton. Compared to cotton, the report found that Ettitude’s CleanBamboo sheet set uses 500 times less water, creates 52 percent fewer carbon emissions, and saves enough water for 267 loads of laundry.

In addition to helping the planet, Ettitude's pillowcase helped my skin. Since using this bed set, my normally acne-splattered skin has been clear as day, and I don’t think that’s coincidence. "Ettitude’s CleanBamboo is silky soft, offering many of the same beauty benefits to hair and skin as silk," says Yu. "Smooth-textured bamboo lyocell pillowcases help to protect your skin from unwanted creases and your hair from external stress and friction."

Finally, the texture of the fabric is perfectly luxe with a semi-lustrous sheen (i.e., not the shiny, cheesy look that the thought of silk sheets can conjure). My set is the Paradise Green colorway, which is a light, minimal shade that reminds me of mint chocolate ice cream and all things wonderful.

And if you, like me, spend all of your nights, many of your work days, and some of your dinners in bed, of course it's important to have something high quality to lie on. Don't you think you should feel how soft it is for yourself?

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