It’s Been a Time—Have You Tried the Best Coping Mechanism for Your Zodiac Sign?

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Hey, you doing okay out there? It's cool if the answer is an all-caps bolded NO. This year has forced many of us to restructure our lives, limit our social contact, and get on TikTok. So if you feel pushed past your limit as we enter the final chapter of 2020, you might want to learn the best coping mechanism for your zodiac sign.

Are you feeling tongue-tied, Gemini? Find your voice within the pages of a book. Lamenting a lack of control, Virgo? Think of what's ahead instead of what was canceled from your impeccably time-blocked Google Cal. By repurposing our cosmic gifts in a way that suits lockdown life, we can use our zodiac sign to help cope with challenging times.

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Below, transformational astrologer Corina Crysler shares a coping mechanism for your zodiac sign to help you through this exhausting home stretch.

Below, find the top coping mechanism for your zodiac sign, according to an astrologer.


Aries gets super impatient when the things feel stagnant, which has been a real 2020 theme. See: Being quarantined, an endless-feeling and tense election season, and a series of planetary retrogrades that have made action feel near impossible. Crysler's top coping mechanism for an anxious Aries to adopt? MOVE!

"Put on an in-home workout class to release some of that cardinal fire building up," she says. "Drink lots of water."


As a textbook bull, nothing makes me feel better than embracing my Earth sign roots and eating croissants in the park. If you're also a Taurus with Mount Olympus-high stress levels, spending time with the autumn leaves can be especially, um, grounding.

"Get out into nature to rest," says Crysler. "Pick a place that has some trees, pack a picnic, clear your mind, and breathe."


As master wordsmiths who can talk through any issue with intellect and speed, Gemini has a constant urge to communicate. But if you're feeling speechless over just how stressful this year has been, Crysler suggests you try journaling instead.

"Get all of your thoughts swirling around your head on paper to process and release them," Crysler says. "This will help reduce some of that built-up anxiety."


Oh, Cancer. You're so good with taking care of others, but you don't make enough time to nurture yourself. So the next time you're feeling crabby, take a minute to sit down and breeeeeathe as a coping mechanism.

"If your emotions are running high due to stress, try an online breathwork class to stimulate the vagus nerve, and create a feeling of calmness," Crysler says.


Lions are among those having the roughest time in quarantine: They've been denied the ability to shine at parties, and the warmth of their social circle. Self-soothe by making art that'll really bring people together.

"Find a creative project that you can dive into to channel some of your ideas and escape some of the loneliness you may be feeling," Crysler says.


For Virgo, feeling out of control is the worst. But there's nothing like a pandemic to mess with your sense of structure. So, the best coping mechanism for your zodiac sign is to just burn the book and start fresh.

"Create 2021 goals for yourself with tangible action items to achieve them," Crysler says. "Look to the future instead of staying in the past."


Libra, you've tried to be so diplomatic during the pandemic, trying to please everyone in your network and keep the peace. But now's your moment to start setting up some healthy boundaries.

"Say no to the things you don't want to do," says Crysler. "Carve out some time for yourself to rejuvenate your energy. You can't be everything for everyone."


Honestly, Scorpio handles darkness pretty well, so maybe you haven't been rocked too hard as you wait for high tensions to blow over. But if you're looking for a release, you can indulge in our new favorite method of self care: self pleasure.

"Invest in some new toys and explore new heights of your sensuality," Crysler says. "Channel your sexual energy to create your desired transformation."


Sag's biggest pain point all year has been that they're simply stuck. That wanderlust is not being satiated with travel being on the fritz. But you can at least feed your curiosity as you sit still.

"Find new ways to stimulate your mind," Crysler says. "Possibly read that book that has been sitting on your shelf for a while that you have been meaning to get to, or invest in an online course that sounds super interesting."


Capricorn has big boss energy, and you've steadily led people through this time, shouldering the burdens and keeping everything moving. You also may be burnt out from doing that for, like, nine months. So try to relax!

"Loosen up the need to control everything by delegating some of your workload out to capable people you trust," says Crysler. "Don't be afraid to ask for help."


With so many people suffering right now, Aquarius has also been hard at work. Your humanitarian heart has been thrown into so many causes that you might feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or even cynical at this point. Remember that in order to help others, you need to allow yourself some rest—only then can you restructure.

"Stay focused on what is in front of you, and take one step at a time," Crysler says. "Try to meditate and get centered with your own energy. Be discerning in what isn't yours, and let it go."


Pisces has been picking up on everyone's frantic energy and just wants to get back into a state of flow and ease. Regulate yourself with a water sign ritual that speaks to your love of all things melodic.

"Take a long warm salt water bath, turn the lights out and put on the music that elevates your soul," says Crysler.

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