This 5-Minute Flow Strengthens Your Core and Your Confidence

Quickie workouts are great for giving you a swift full-body burn—but with this core-building sequence, you may just find it strengthens your confidence, too.

"Your core is the seat of your power—it's your willpower, it's your fire, it's the power of transformation," says Yoga Vida instructor Aditi Shah. "The exercises that we're doing hopefully help you cultivate that power, and be more embodied in that seat of 'I can do this.'"

But don't worry—you'll still be physically challenged. "You have to ground onto your feet, you have to engage your legs, you have to draw your low belly up," explains Shah, who doubles as an Athleta ambassador. "You have to really engage in a way that is not just focused on one area—and your core is really the center of your body so it expands outwardly."

Along with her workout BFF (and fellow Yoga Vida instructor) Sasha Nelson, Shah is sharing the guaranteed way to start your day on a positive—and self-motivating—note.

Watch the video above for the full, do-anywhere yoga workout, and scroll down to shop all the drool-worthy apparel.

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