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I’ve Been Waiting for This Body Wash To Launch for 2 Years—And It’s All I’ll Be Using Now

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Around the holidays every year, Well+Good staffers look forward to the year ahead for our annual Trends package. We dive into research, call our contacts to hear what's new, and email brand reps to help tip our readers to what will be big in the year to come. Two years ago, in 2019, I hopped on the phone with Corpus Naturals founder J.P. Mastey, who told me that the brand had plans to expand to body care, and I was beyond excited to add the scented soaps to my daily routine.

Then...COVID-19 hit and supply chains got weird, and well, you know the rest. But I'm happy to report that as of now, Corpus Natural body wash and bar soap is available in three scents: Santalum—my personal favorite—No Green, and Third Rose. In addition to being beautifully perfumed, these body washes will tick all your other boxes, too. Each has nourishing properties for the skin—a blend of coconut-derived surfactants paired with seed oils and flower extracts to build up your barrier—each is easy on the eyes, and each is packaged in a climate-conscious aluminum container.

If you're ready to see why I've been on the edge of my seat for this launch, keep scrolling to shop the collection and read more about the scents to decide which one you want most. FYI: I will be buying them all.


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Corpus Natural Santalum Body Wash — $28.00

There is something so vivid about the scent of this fragrance to me. Made with sandalwood root, paired with Texas cedarwood, and amber, you feel like you’re walking through a grove at dawn and there’s mist all around you. Recreate that experience with shower steam and every morning will feel like you begin your day in nature.

Corpus Natural No Green Body Wash — $28.00

Whatever your typical scent preference consists of, this complex fragrance will strike a chord with you. Citrus notes bergamot and pink lemon join with floral orange blossom and grounding cardamom to really round out this scent and make it feel like a sophisticated take on a typical bright scent. Buy it today—you won’t be sorry.

Corpus Natural Third Rose Body Wash — $28.00

A rose scent for those who both love and hate rose scents. This one keeps from being too powdery by pairing the central note—rose—with Italian mandarin, heady violet, and earth cedar root.

Corpus Naturals Neroli Cleansing Bar — $22.00

Neroli is like the siren-call of scents, and this blend doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find the note paired with orange blossom, bergamot, and ambrette seed for an uplifting fragrance.

I prefer a body wash to a bar—unless we’re talking about Dove classic, and then game on—but I’m planning on buying these bars to put in my T-shirt drawers, which helps to scent your clothes with a delightfully faint fragrance.

Corpus Naturals No Green Cleansing Bar — $22.00

If you prefer a bar, this bar format of the classic No Green scent is also yours for the taking.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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