This Google Graph Pretty Much Confirms Squats Are the Most Misunderstood Move

Photo: Getty Images/VlaDee
If my browser history is any indication, I have a bad case of gym confusion. In the past month, I've Googled "how to do a trap bar deadlift," "what is a bear crawl," and "what's the difference between a forearm and a hand plank." Above all though, the squat (which comes in sumo, jump, and many more iterations) is the move that eludes my understanding the most. Apparently, I'm in good company: A quick Google Trends search of burpees, planks, crunches, squats and lunges reveals that the rest of the internet is equally as perplexed as I am (see below for graphical proof).

correct form for squats
Photo: Google

Clearly (the data doesn't lie!), we could all use a refresher on the biodynamics of this booty-centric move. And fortunately, Obé trainer Megan Roup provided Well+Good with full scoop. The general aim of a squat is to "break parallel" with the ground, she explains. "Feet are nice and wide. You're in a strong stance. And as I shift back [pouring the weight into] my heels, my chest is up. Ignite your glutes, squeeze back up," she says. For an extra challenge, place a resistance band around your knees or hold a medicine ball between your palms. Once you repeat 25 to 30 reps total, you can consider your butt workout done, done, and done. Oh, and you can take satisfaction in never opening your browser for an explainer again.

Megan Roup demonstrates the correct form for squats:

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