Your Weekly Wellness Horoscope: Get Ready for Some Magic, Post-Halloween

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Welcome to Cosmic Health, your day-by-day source of celestial advice—with a wellness twist. Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi is looking to the stars to find out what's affecting *everyone* this week, when it comes to topics like food, fitness, sleep, sex, and more. 

Monday, October 30

As the week begins, make sure to focus on your breath and your higher self. With the moon in Pisces all day long, you are primed to make a connection to the divine. But watch out for being overly sensitive. Under a Pisces moon you may pick up the emotions of others—so hold your boundaries. If you feel the urge to cry, indulge it, but simultaneously determine what's coming up for you. Is it yours? Music holds extra-potent strength today, so don't forget your headphones or the power of soothing tunes.

Tuesday, October 31

Happy Halloween! October 31 marks the cross-quarter day, or the halfway point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. This particular evening the veil to the other side is thinnest, so step into your witchiness and channel inspiration from the other side. However, with so much sugar available, don't forget to care for your hormonal system, too. Slowing down, and connecting with yin activities like yoga nidra or slow-flow yoga can help regulate your cortisol levels, assuring that your adrenals the extra support they need.

Wednesday, November 1

The first day of the month kicks off with the moon in the first sign of the zodiac—Aries. Contrary to the moon in Pisces, an Aries moon might have you feeling revved up. It’s a cardinal fire sign, after all. With the moon in its waxing gibbous phase (in other words: almost full), exercise with vigor and sweat your prayers. You may want to indulge kickboxing, high-intensity interval training, or anything else that stimulates your heart rate.

Thursday, November 2

Saturn, the planet of purpose and harsh lessons, makes an awkward angle to Chiron, the planetary body that represents a cosmic wound. Ouch. At the same time, Mercury the planet of communication creates a trine (an angle of manifestation) to Chiron, too. Because of this, you can accomplish quite a bit of healing today—assuming you stay patient with yourself. This is a great day to schedule a session with a therapist or healer. Open your mind and let in the restorative vibes.

Friday, November 3

The luscious full moon vibes build today, in the grounded and sensual sign of Taurus. This full moon screams magic, so use it wisely! This super spiritual “Full Beaver Moon” occurs at 11 degrees of Taurus at 1:24 a.m. Eastern on November 4. With Neptune—the planet that represents spiritual expansion—making a beautiful angle of support to this full moon, (a sextile) your intuitive capacities expanded with illumination. If you are working with lunar ritual as a part of your spiritual practice, don’t skimp on your altar. Buy some beautiful flowers, use some gorgeous crystals, and allow yourself a sensual experience. Then, don’t forget to charge your geodes under the moonlight.

Saturday, November 4

This Saturday, nourish your body with grounding foods. Root vegetables, leafy greens, and high-quality protein go a long way to enhance the effervescent vibes of the day. After the full moon reaches its peak early in the morning, Venus (the ruler of the moon in Taurus) opposes Uranus, the planet of change, so there could be a bump or two during the day. The good news, though, is that blood sugar balance helps you to feel relaxed and calm no matter what comes up. If you crave something sweet, try a protein-packed smoothie loaded with antioxidants and high-quality fats from nut butter, too. You may even want to dabble in some high-end dark chocolate, also.

Sunday, November 5

Come Sunday, Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Sagittarius and the winds of change blow. Mercury will travel in the positive sign of Sagittarius for longer than usual because he goes retrograde from December 3 to December 22, and ultimately leaves Sagittarius on January 11. That said, as Mercury commences more than a two-month journey in the sign of the archer today, take space to consider your goals for the remainder of the year. With the holidays quickly approaching, take a few minutes to journal out your priorities and vision for the rest of 2018. The moon, now in Gemini, supports writing, so don’t hold back.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

If journaling is tough for you, here are a few that are designed to make it easier. Or, hey, ditch words altogether—and go all-in on a vision board.

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