Cote Brings Its Non-Toxic Manicures—and Free-Flowing Rosé—to NYC

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If you imagine a nail salon in Brentwood (AKA the super-chic, super-pricey nabe in Los Angeles), chances are you're picturing an airy, white space with an outdoor patio and local art (and macrame wall hangings) adorning the space. That basically describes Cote, a Cali-cool locale (and 10-free nail polish line) for non-toxic manis, pedis, and free-flowing rosé. Now picture this scene on the East Coast—because they're headed to New York City, baby.

Opening tomorrow is Cote's second location, right in the heart of the artsy East Village. "Leah [Yari, co-founder] is from New York and adores the city," says Mary Lennon, Cote's other co-founder. "That was high on our list of things we wanted to do—we wanted to do something in New York as well as LA."

The salon's Big Apple space is going to channel a bit of East Coast vibe as wellthink quickie services, city-inspired shades, goodies from local artisans, and an interior design that fits the limited square-footage mindset.

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Photo: Cote

"We wanted some colors dedicated to New York that were powerful and spoke to the confident New York woman," says Lennon. "Beautiful, chic, and elegant—but not too girly. We put together a trio of colors: a moody, dark graphite, a subtle concrete gray, and a rich, deep red."

To appeal to always-on-the-go clients, Cote's offering express services. "It's called the 'quick Cote' and it's basically a polish change, but it's anything but basic," says Lennon. "It includes argan oil and a little layer of SPF to protect your hands—and only takes 15 minutes." (Busy ladies, rejoice.)

The best part? They're a no-cash salon—so forget about those times where you're halfway done with your mani and then realize you have to run down to the ATM so you can properly tip (just me?). "The quick service is $20, all in—no tipping," says Lennon. "We truly want you to be able to get in and out the door with a full service in a New York minute, as they say." That's just enough time for a glass of rosé, of course.

Cote, 100 East 13th St., New York, NY 10003,

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