Why You Should Count Reps Like You’re Working Out on New Year’s Eve

Photo: Getty Images/FatCamera
Whether you're doing ab exercises on the mat or lifting weights at the gym, there's no getting around counting reps. It's just part of the process. But that doesn't mean those high numbers aren't daunting. If you're ever left wondering how the heck you're going to finish 50 bicycle crunches when you're already drained at 18, maybe all it takes is thinking differently about counting reps to give you a jolt.

The next time you're counting reps, do yourself a favor—instead of counting up, count down. Think about it. Basically any exciting thing that ever happens in life comes with a countdown—countdown to shuttles launching into space, countdown on New Year's Eve, countdown to your birthday, and so on and so forth. Applying that same energy to your workouts provides you with some mental relief and the feeling of accomplishment. You can always count higher, but once you reach zero, you know you're finished. (Unless you're into doing a negative number of burpees, of course.)

It might feel a little silly counting down celebration-style with each exercise, but it definitely gets the job done. If you're working out in a public setting, you might want to consider counting reps in your head unless you want some extra attention when you hit "ZERO!"

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