The Cool, “High-Vibe” Beauty Essentials This Wellness Guru Swears By


If there ever was a do-it-all wellness guru, Courtney Somer is it. Sure, she's the founder of Lake & Skye, a cool New York-based company that handcrafts therapeutic-grade essential oil blends, fragrances, and floral waters. But she's also a certified pre-natal and Kundalini yoga instructor, dabbles in numerology, and has more than a decade of holistic nutrition, spirituality, and meditation training under her belt (see, we weren't kidding). But it took a nudge from the universe to get her there.

"In my early twenties I had a health crisis, and went on a whim to a psychic healer and acupuncturist," recalls Somer, who at the time was working in fashion. "Within a session, the healer was able to determine that my diet was causing the problem. That was the first time someone had told me what I was eating could affect how I was feeling. After that, I decided to change my lifestyle and what I was focusing on."

Over the next 12 years, Somer explored the mind-body-spirit connection in many forms, from nutrition to Reiki to yoga. She first discovered the power of fragrance during pregnancy (Lake and Skye are her daughters' middle names), and decided to translate her newfound passion into a product.

"People are thinking more about what they put on their bodies and realizing that everything you put on is going into your bloodstream," she explains. So, Lake & Skye focuses on pure, high-quality ingredients, sourcing oils from conscious distillers, and hand-mixing small batches in what she describes as a "high-vibration environment." Not surprisingly, Somer's personal beauty routine shares the same ethos, streamlined for purity and efficiency.

Check out the purist's five go-to beauty products—some of which, like Somer, do it all. —Larkin Clark

courtney-somer-sun-potionsSun Potion Wildcrafted He Shou Wu  ($55)
Sun Potion formulas are amazing. Right now I’m using He Shou Wu for its superior anti-aging properties and extra support [around the] very busy holiday season. It’s super easy to add to tea or a glass of water first thing in the morning, and makes me feel like I’m doing some good self care even when I can’t find the time.

courtney-somer-davinesDavines Nounou Pak Hair Mask ($32)
After having kids, your hair is never the same—it changes texture once the baby is born. I love this hair mask for my fragile, overworked hair; it doesn’t weigh it down and leaves it soft and silky.

courtney-somer-may-lindstrom-skin-the-youth-dewMay Lindstrom The Youth Dew ($120)
I love this serum. The formula has 20 different botanical and plant oils, [and] since adding it to my routine I have felt the difference in my skin. It smells lovely and makes your complexion soft and glowing, which is always a plus when you’re in your thirties. In the morning, I'll put on The Youth Dew, some eye cream, lip gloss, and light blush. At night, I exfoliate, put on moisturizer (I love Tata Harper), and then I'll use a moisturizing mask a few times a week.

courtney-somer-rodin-body-creamRodin Olio Lusso Crema Luxury Hand and Body Cream ($84)
This cream is so damn good. It smells fantastic, hydrates without being too heavy, and leaves your winter-dry hands happy.

courtney-somer-beauty-obsession-lake-and-skyeLake & Skye Frankincense Floral Water ($48)
Frankincense has so many benefits, and at one point was used to treat virtually every ailment known to man. It relaxes wrinkles, hydrates the skin, and is the Middle Eastern equivalent of sage, so it’s excellent for clearing the energy in a room or space. It supports protection, clarity, and is amazing for clearing your aura of other people’s energies. I use it when I get home in the evening to clear myself of all the city’s craziness. It's made with water from a Hawaiian waterfall, so it's super high-vibe. It has a unique, more unisex scent. I’m definitely addicted.

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(Photo: Mimi Crawford)

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