This Custom Foundation Brush Gives You the Exact Coverage You’re Looking For

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Photo: Cover FX; Graphic: Well+Good Creative
Every makeup brush that I've ever used has more or less been the same. Sure, they come in different sizes, but the final look remains a constant. But then I got my hands on the brand-new Cover FX Custom Application Brush ($39), and my foundation application has never been better.

With three silicone wells within the brush, the Custom Application Brush truly lets you personalize your makeup routine. Rather than squirting a few drops of your foundation product onto your brush and applying, it allows you to put a few drops of three different products into the different wells. Beyond foundation, you can use it with primer, face oil, or a hydrating serum—it's up to you what you put into your beauty cocktail.

The unique wells are deep within the bristles, so moving it in circular motions over your skin—as you would with a traditional brush—swirls the beauty products within it into a concoction meant to give you the exact finish that you're looking for. Want a dewy radiance? Add a moisturizing primer and a hydrating serum—like one with hyaluronic acid—to the brush alongside your foundation product. For more of a matte effect, mix in a mattifying primer. Or if you're looking for fuller coverage, drop your foundation into two of the three wells.

Photo: Cover FX

Cover FX Custom Application Brush, $39

As someone who firmly believes the dewier, the better, I've been playing around with my Custom Application Brush like a mad beauty scientist in the quest for the most glowing finish I can create. So far, my favorite foundation cocktail includes my go-to tinted face oil foundation, a hyaluronic acid serum, and a nourishing, antioxidant-rich facial oil—all of which give me super-moisturized, even skin. Although I've been really into Artis makeup brushes before, a brand that has seriously upgraded the category, the Custom Application Brush takes my love for beauty cocktailing to a new level.

Admittedly, I've usually resorted to the apply-makeup-with-fingers method over that makeup brush life out of laziness, but this Cover Fx brush creation has changed me. My foundation application has turned into an opportunity to play with different products, and I'm not mad about it.

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