Covergirl Is Launching Clean Makeup, Including a $10 “Skin Milk” Foundation We Can’t Put Down

Photo: Well+Good Creative
As more and more makeup products straddle both the makeup and skin-care categories, it's becoming easier to add pigment while nourishing your skin in one fell swoop. Now, with CoverGirl's Clean Fresh line, the trend is coming to a drugstore near you.

Launching today, CoverGirl—one of the most iconic makeup brands in the United States—introduces a four-product collection of easy-to-use, clean makeup essentials that function as the "jeans and T-shirt"of your makeup bag. As with all CoverGirl products, Clean Fresh is cruelty-free, plus the line is vegan and formulated without parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance, or mineral oil to give consumers cleaner options for their skin.

CoverGirl's four-product Clean Fresh collection functions as the "jeans and T-shirt"of your makeup bag.

In the line are the Skin Milk ($10), a super sheer foundation spiked with aloe vera and coconut milk (real talk: I can't put it down); the Cooling Glow Stick ($9), which functions as a highlighter or shimmery bronzer depending on the shade you go with; the Lip Oil ($11), a non-sticky lip treatment with pigment; and the Cream Blush ($9), a high-pigment punch to your cheeks (though can work on your lids and lips if you want) that contains hyaluronic acid for moisture. The foundation comes in 14 shades, but according to the brand it matches 99 percent of all skin tones and undertones because of its shade adaptability—aka since the formula is so sheer, it melts into your skin so that you can go up or down two to three shades.

"Clean Fresh design was rooted in the reality that more and more consumers want to understand the ingredients that they're using on their body and specifically their color cosmetics," we learned from the CoverGirl research and development team. "There is a growing desire to have choice when it comes to ingredient options in their favorite brands. We studied the top ingredients searched as well as talked with consumers about their level of awareness of alternative ingredient choices to fully understand the evolving landscape of 'clean beauty.'"

Makeup artist Brittany Whittfield, who works with the brand, tells us these are the kinds of products her clients have been looking for. "It was helpful to have a product like this where it's very dewy and very much a veil of color," she says of the Skin Milk in particular. "A lot of my clients demand that. It's very much about the effortless look that's youthful, fresh, hydrated skin." My fellow beauty editors at Well+Good and I tested the products, and can attest that the line provides pops of color with minimal effort. Even the Skin Milk gave my complexion lasting hydration that never once got cakey throughout the day.

Now that such a major cosmetics brand is bringing skin-first makeup products to the drugstore, know that better-for-you makeup is about to be bigger than ever.

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