12 Hygge-Inspired Gifts for Card-Carrying Homebodies

What's better than feeling cozy? Answer: Nothing. And since you can't top that feeling, what could be better than giving the gift of hygge to all the people on your list this season? Answer: Nothing again.

Now that that's settled, here's a list of 12 of the best gift ideas for sharing the warm-and-snuggly spirit, curated by our editors. With everything from Saje essential oil sets for all the tranquil feels (perfect for pairing with a calming weighted blanket) to pillowy slippers for head-to-toe contentment, these are the gifts the homebodies on your list really want.

Scroll down for the 12 cozy holiday gifts you'll want to grab for everyone in your life.

cozy holiday gifts

Saje Sleep Routine Restful Sleep Kit, $30

Getting comfy starts with your bedtime situation, and this sleep kit is primed for peak snoozing. With a light-blocking face mask, a tranquility-boosting spray, and a sleep-promoting roll-on (featuring valerian, roman chamomile, and lavender essential oils), it's basically a restorative moment you can gift wrap.

Bearaby Velvet Napper, $249

This hand-knitted, organic cotton blanket is weighted to help reduce the production of stress hormones (cortisol) and increase production of happiness and sleep hormones (serotonin and melatonin), according to research. So you're giving the gift of a nap that's good for you in more ways than one.

The Sill Plant For Beginners monthly subscription, $35/month

Before you skip over this one for failed plant parents, listen to this: The Sill offers monthly subscriptions of hard-to-kill plants specifically curated with newbie plant owners in mind. So black thumbs can get all the benefits of a home filled with greenery, no special skills required.

cozy holiday gifts

Saje Uplifted Days Diffuser Kit, $110

Scent plays a huge role in upping the comfort factor of any space, and this diffuser kit is designed to lift moods (even when it's pitch black at 4:30 p.m.). With the scents of essential oil blends with names like "deep breath" and "liquid sunshine" wafting about, it's impossible not to feel the good vibes.

Earth+Elements Moon Phase cups set, $250

Celestial hand-thrown cups—with hand-painted, real-gold detailing—are the special upgrade your parents' generic mugs need (or the ideal addition to your own mug repertoire if you're shopping for yourself).

Chai SuperLatte, Clevr Blends, $28

Fill said mugs with a steamy chai latte that combines oat milk, probiotics, and adaptogens for a warming (and wellness-boosting) sip.

Freshly Food Delivery, starting at $50

No one wants to go out to dinner when it's freezing outside, so give your friends the gift of never having to leave their abode with a subscription to a chef-prepared meal service. They won't even have to get off the couch to cook it, and if that's not true friendship, what is?

Parachute Quilted Slippers, $39

Sliding into these squishy slippers is like wrapping your feet in a cocoon of happiness—and because everyone loves padding around on clouds, it's a gift you know will be put to guaranteed use.

cozy holiday gifts

Saje Good Cheer Diffuser Blend Collection, $50

Give the gift of good cheer—in the form of five essential oil blends that will turn your lucky recipient's living room into a forest-scented oasis.

Crate&Barrel Twinkle Gold String Lights, $13

Complete the snuggly aesthetic with twinkling lights that will bathe their entire room in a warm glow.

Pottery Barn Sheepskin Rug, $99

Sinking your toes into a shaggy rug (or nestling into one draped over an armchair) is the ultimate embodiment of hygge. This one gives that lounging-in-front-of-a-fireplace feeling, even when there's no fireplace present.

cozy holiday gifts

Barnes and Noble Reading Socks, $25

Every homebody needs a pair of bookworm-worthy socks for hunkering down with a good read and a cup of tea. Permission to relax, granted.

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Top photo: Stocksy/Melanie DeFazio

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