Here’s How Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and More Celebs Stay Healthy While Traveling

Photo: Instagram/@chrissyteigen
It happens to the best of us: When the airplane wheels go up, our carefully honed food, fitness, and skincare habits tend to fly out the window.

Most health-conscious travelers improvise with protein bars and online workout videos on the road, but there's a certain class of particularly zealous celebrities who get extra creative when it comes to maintaining their wellness routines away from home—and if that means getting some side-eye from fellow jet-setters, so be it.

Whether it's slapping on a beauty mask mid-flight, spritzing colloidal silver on their plane seat, or taking SoulCycle bikes with them on the road, these stars are pros at keeping up with their healthy lifestyles while traveling (and not thinking twice about how high-maintenance their habits may seem). Read on for the most jaw-dropping ways celebs maintain their wellness routines while traveling.

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Originally posted June 30, 2016; Updated June 28, 2018.


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