$300 Off SoulCycle At-Home Bikes—And 6 More Credit Card Fitness Perks You Didn’t Know About

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Becoming one of those people who juggles a wide variety of credit cards in order to optimize their various and ever-changing perks would be a full-time job for most of us. I, for one, typically just pull out whichever card I can find at the moment, relieved I haven't forgotten my wallet altogether. But credit cards can save you a significant amount of cash when you manage to pay attention to their perks, and with rising inflation and insane housing costs and stagnant wages and let's just not even get into it (because, depression), each and every dollar you hold onto really matters. Health may be wealth, but wealth is also health, if we're all being honest.

To that end, several credit cards actually offer fitness benefits so you can combine the two—health and wealth—but you may be missing out on them simply because you don't know they exist.

American Express, for example, just announced a new partnership with SoulCyle which allows its cardholders to save $300 on at-home bikes. Below, find details about the collaboration as well as other ways to optimize your credit card spending to benefit both your physical and financial fitness.

The best fitness perks your credit card has to offer right now

1. AmEx and SoulCycle At-Home Bikes

AmEx U.S. Platinum Card members will receive a $300 statement credit with the purchase of a SoulCycle At-Home Bike. If you run a fitness studio or are just ridiculously rich, this benefit applies to up to fifteen bike purchases per year. The only caveat is that this promotion only applies to those with an Equinox+ membership, but that membership provides access to SoulCycle programming (as well as programming from other prominent fitness brands), so it makes sense to own them in tandem.

2. AmEx and Equinox

Platinum Card members can also get a whopping $300 annual statement credit on Equinox memberships, whether they're in-club, digital, or both— so this applies to Equinox All Access, Destination, or E by Equinox membership fees as well as Equinox+.

3. AmEx and Walmart+

Finally, AmEx Platinum card members can also receive a statement credit covering the full cost ($12.95) of a Walmart+ membership each month (!!!). If you're not familiar with the perks of Walmart+ membership, they include unlimited free shipping with no order minimum, free delivery from store, discounted prescriptions, fuel discounts, and more.

4. Chase and Peloton

This partnership gives Chase Sapphire Reserve and J.P. Morgan reserve cardholders statement credits of up to $120 to offset the cost of their monthly Peloton membership. Chase Sapphire Preferred customers, meanwhile, can get up to $60 in statement credits. To utilize these perks, you need to purchase, or cancel and then re-purchase, your membership through Peloton's specific Chase portal. You can also earn 5x or 10x total points when you purchase a Peloton bike using one of these cards.

5. Amazon Prime Rewards

Amazon Prime Rewards offers one percent cash back on purchases, so if you're buying a lot of home equipment, recovery tools, or even athletic wear and you're a Prime member, this may be the way to to do it. As an added bonus, you also get 5 percent cash back on all your healthy groceries purchased through Whole Foods or Amazon, too.

6. Target RedCard

If you prefer to buy your fitness gear at Target, you can get 5 percent off your purchases using its RedCard instead.

7. World of Hyatt Credit Card and Gym/Fitness Memberships

The World of Hyatt Credit Card earns you two Hyatt points for every dollar spent monthly on fitness clubs and gym memberships. So while you're not actually saving on fitness, your fitness is saving you via restorative pandemic staycations and the promise of future travel.

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