Crystal Hair Combs Exist and They’ll Seriously up Your Self-Care Game

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Have you ever noticed that getting a haircut is akin to the shamanic ritual of cutting cords? Probably not—but it actually might be closer to that than you'd think.

"Your hair is like a diary," says Andi Scarbrough, a Los Angeles-based hair artist and founder of Crownworks, explaining that it records things like what you've eaten and times of stress. "So ritually letting that go can be a profound practice." It's true: Recently scientists at West Virginia University found that they can determine things like diet, exercise habits, and even BMI from a single strand. (Whoa.)

"Your hair is like a diary."

This is why Scarbrough turns her client's time in the salon chair into part-woo woo wellness-part beauty treatment, which can involve everything from reiki and aromatherapy to intention setting and a bespoke hair color. To add to the dreamy options available, she created crystal combs, meant to align with your chakras to take your good hair days to the next level.

Keep reading to learn more about these must-have combs.

crystal combs
Photo: Crown Works

The creation of crystal combs

Funnily enough, the idea of making a hair comb out of a crystal came to Scarbrough in a dream. "I get a lot of my insight that way," she says. "I was using a rose quartz comb in one of my treatments, and I thought surely this must exist." She proceeded to try and find one from the depths of the internet, to no avail. After a few start and stops, she serendipitously came across a line called Gemcomb, acquired it, and relaunched it as Crownworks last month.

"I wanted to introduce people to chakras and healing stones, and my goal was to give beauty professionals the tools to see what's energetically happening behind the chair," she says. "When a stylist starts to have really intentional conversations and doing healing work for their clients, it creates an inescapable wave of wellbeing."

Scarbrough decided to make combs out of four of the highly recognizable stones, including black obsidian, amethyst, and rose and clear quartz. All, $150.

As you get all Marcia Brady with your comb and detangle your lengths, Scarbrough's hope is that the crystals will respark sense of self-care in your ritual. "Black obsidian is believed to transmute negativity, clear quartz is associated with your crown chakra and thought to amplify your intentions, rose quartz is the heart stone that's iconic of love," explains Scarbrough. "And amethyst is tapped for wisdom."

Essentially, just as you can now find crystal-infused beauty products, you can bring the woo-woo powers to your strands as well. In the same way that you'd use a face mask or a weekly conditioning treatment, if you can drop an anchor of intention like a crystal comb into your hair regimen, you can really magnify the power of self-care into your regimen. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the combs are absolutely gorgeous.

You can even rock this crystal-inspired hue in your hair. Or you can make this high-vibe crystal crown

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