Crunch’s Spin Program Gets a Boutique-Style Facelift

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(Photo: Crunch)

(Photo: Crunch)
Crunch members take their bike-dancing party under the disco ball with Ride. (Photo: Crunch)

Spinning's basically become a national pastime, with boutique brands moving into more and more states, and gyms beefing up their offerings to keep pace.

One of them is national fitness chain Crunch, which just re-launched its spin classes at locations across the country with a new Ride program. And it's way more on par with a boutique indoor-cycling experience than ever.

Ride’s 10 different classes are broken out into three types: Road, Rhythm, and Remixed to reflect the range of indoor cycling interests.

The performance-based Road rides have a competitive, athletic edge, complete with RPM trackers in the front of the rooms (great if you love Flywheel or Swerve), while the Rhythm classes are based on choreography and spinning to the Beyoncé beats (perfect if you’re obsessed with SoulCycle or Cyc). For Goldilocks riders, Remixed lets you have the best of both worlds—with the occasional illuminated disco ball casting a Saturday Night Fever glow across the studio.

The gym says it's always known the potential of the indoor cycling bike to spark a craze. “Over 15 years ago, Crunch was the first big box gym to offer Spinning classes with the creator, Johnny G,” says Donna Cyrus, senior vice president of programming at Crunch, which has locations in thirteen states.

Ride's goal is to work off of the energy—and different varieties—of boutique spinning, on a mass (read: budget friendly) scale."There are so many spin studios opening, all offering their own versions of cycle classes," says Cyrus. "We’ve always offered all the modalities at Crunch, so we decided to label the classes so that our members could go straight for the spin experience they prefer and get everything they love at one destination,” she says.

Because if you’re getting up at the crack of dawn to work out, isn’t it nice to have options? —Molly Gallagher 

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