6 Dreamy Crystal Nail Art Looks for Healing Vibes at Your Fingertips

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Having a bowl of crystals in your house is great for promoting positive, healing energies in your Zen den. But, let's be honest: The spiritual rocks also look really pretty—a fringe benefit that lets the super-powered minerals double as chic decor.

It was only a matter of time before nail artists re-created the look of rose quartz and purple amethyst in nail art form. After all, the inspiration is pretty much everywhere these days…including under Miranda Kerr's pillow. Just fall down the #geodenails rabbit hole on Instagram to see for yourself.

Pick out a handful of your favorite five-free shades, and paint a geodesic pattern onto your tips, on an accent nail, or all over both hands—whichever design you choose, you'll have the soothing power of crystals at your literal fingertips.

Prepare to be spellbound by the crystal nail art inspo below.

1. Marbled French Tips

This eye-catching pop of rock on the tips is super easy to make your own, according to @chelseaqueen, who "put a few blobs of color on the tip, swirled with a toothpick, and then cleaned it up" with a brush.

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2. Geode Nails

You can paint a geode design over the whole nail or go for a lighter touch, like manicurist @ilyavioleta did with this mani. To achieve the look, use a mix of your desired geode-esque colors, a striper brush, and a little gold foil for some subtle bling.

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3. Marble and Gem Nails

This stunning manicure by @ki_a_a_ki has a lot going on with different colors, patterns, and 3-D stones, but the pale pastel palette keeps everything unified and calming.

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4. Rose Quartz Nails

If you were all over the marble nail art trend last year, then think of rose quartz as the millennial pink version of the look. Start with a pink base, and then stripe with white to get a mani like this one by @nailthoughts. Bonus points for styling your new-nails post with actual rose quartz.

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5. Gold Star Crystal Nails

The base itself would be gorgeous—peach-colored with subtle marbling—but these nails by @tootsietoessf are amplified with dots of gold foil, like stars floating over a pink sky.

6. Amethyst Accent Nail

To get the sparkly effect of this design by @lunula_nail_bar, use a glitter polish in the center of your geode-style accent nail, and work your way outward with other colors.

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