Heal Your Chakras in the Most Colorful Way Using Rainbow Crystal Light Therapy

Curious about what to expect from a full-sensory crystal light energy treatment? Watch the video to find out.

It's hardly new that crystals are a wellness-world staple for healing. But in the latest episode of What the Wellness, Well+Good's YouTube series that investigates whether practices weird or worth it (or both), video producer Ella Dove ratchets things up a notch by getting a seriously intense crystal light energy treatment. Meet MODRN Sanctuary's Sensory 7 Light Sound Energy Therapy treatment, a luxe experience that utilizes every hue of the rainbow...and then some.

To give you a…sense…of what to expect, the crystal-focused treatment combines seven healing modalities into one: vibration therapy, sound therapy with binaural beats, frequency therapy, magnetic therapy, an infrared Biomat, chromotherapy, and crystals with reiki. No worries if those aforementioned words don't offer you too much meaning; Alexis Alvarez, the intuitive energy worker and spiritual advisor who administers the crystal light healing treatment, can clear the air. Take for instance, chromotherapy, which she says is an ancient science.

"It's just the idea of colors as a general energy being a therapeutic benefit to us," Alvarez says. "We use the rainbow of lights, or the visible light spectrum, so that's the energy that we can see, which relates to the chakras. Each chakra is a different color, so we're basically lining up that appropriate color with the appropriate chakra center."

That means that if Dove is feeling exhausted (and seriously, who isn't?), the goal of the crystal light therapy session may be to focus on restoring a depleted red or root chakra. "It is an energy healing experience that combines seven different types of vibrational medicine," Alvarez explains. "The benefits are kind of different for everyone, but in general it's just relaxation."

Want to get more intel about the other facets of the treatment—and find out whether it actually works? Watch the video here to get the full story.

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