Every Woo-Woo Wellness Newbie Needs a Crystal Starter Pack With *These* 5 Stones

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Since ancient times, crystals been used for spiritual and health-related rituals, but recently, their mainstream star seems to have risen so quickly, that you might feel left in the (mineral) dust. They're now in bras, bedrooms, parks, skin care—basically, everything and everywhere. But before you dive headfirst into sparkly geode pool of woo-woo wellness and fully stock a crystal kit of your own, you might want to learn some basics to be able to pick the stones that will be most beneficial to you.

While crystals are beautiful light-catching (and in some cases light-emitting) objects, their real value is less so about aesthetics (although they do make for beautiful jewelry) and more about their purported healing powers. And though Time reports there's a lacking of scientific evidence to support these powers, studies have noted the very real placebo effect of believing they work can be impactful. And if the Hadids and the Olsens swear by the high-vibe stones, maybe there's something to them actually boosting your workoutcleansing your energy, and even giving you more of it (so you can kick that afternoon-coffee habit).

Crystals are believed to work in tandem with your chakras, or energy centers in the human body. In total, there are seven chakras, and they align with different organs and physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness. But since there are so many types of crystals—each with different relationships to and effects on your chakras, as well as unique energy and healing powers—figuring out where to start can be daunting. Do you need malachite for dealing with stress, rose quartz for heartache, blue celestite for communication?

Feel overwhelmed? Not to worry. Co-founder of holistic lifestyle brand Energy Muse and author of Crystal MuseHeather Askinosie has a wealth of knowledge about the stones, and the aficionado shared with me which varieties she considers to be essential for a crystal pack that's perfect for holistic-healing beginners.

Add these 5 crystals to your woo-woo wellness starter pack

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1. Selenite: liquid light

It's not surprising that selenite is used in energy-healing lamps since Askinosie refers to it as "liquid light." They also explain that this crystal known for its ability to raise your vibrations—which they say is important since low vibrations supposedly attract negativity—and stave off feelings like fear, anger, and anxiety. As the Energy Muse expert puts it, "as it flows through your space, it brightens the energy of everyone and everything within it. It shifts your aura and energetic vibration to attune you with a higher energy."

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2. Amethyst: the intuitive eye

Askinosie describes this ultraviolet crystal as being "the intuitive eye" and "like a spa-day in a stone." Part of the reason amethyst may seem so ubiquitous (at least among celebrities) is because it's known for promoting sleep-enhancing, relaxing energy also for its ability to "work with your third eye [chakra] to balance the mind with insightful solutions to problems," according to the Energy Muse expert.

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Clear quartz: crystal nootropic

Clear quartz is known as "a rock star among crystals" because of its status as a universal healer since it links to all seven of your chakras, according to Askinosie. She adds that "clear quartz brings clarity to shadows within the mind," and that it elevates "thoughts and perspective, helping to manifest your intentions like never before." It's kind of like the crystal form of a nootropic

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Rose quartz: the love magnet

A favorite among celebrities and millennial-pink lovers alike, you may have admired rose quartz before, even if your knowledge of the crystal world is rudimentary. Askinosie explains the allure of the stone is it promotes the ability to "see the world through rose-tinted glasses" Like Miranda Kerr says, the stone is known for opening up your heart chakra and facilitating all types of love: self-love, familial love, friendship love, and romantic love—things we could always use more of.

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Pyrite: the reflector

"A metaphysical treasure," the glittery, shimmery pyrite is known for "attracting wealth, abundance and good luck" as well as for possessing a strong protective energy. Askinosie adds that its glassy look is mirrored by its energy and healing powers: "Pyrite has the ability to show you which of your behaviors are holding you back. This elevates your consciousness to be more aware of what you need to change in order to vibrate with intention of abundance."

These are the crystals that celebrities keep on hand and a quiz that will help you determine the next crystal you should buy (after your starter pack is complete, of course).

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