A Room-by-Room Guide to Choosing Crystals for Your Home

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Crystals aren't just a way to make your bedroom Instagram-level dreamy—some believe they're also capable of transforming the energy and mood of your entire space. This is because crystals carry the natural life force of the earth, says Luke Simon, crystal expert from New York holistic healing destination Maha Rose. It's why using crystals for your home can liven up the place...and bring in good energy

"Crystals are special by default because they're beautifully and naturally made from the Earth—they're nature's little pieces of art," he says. "So when we bring them into our homes, we bring the Earth in as well and create a more nurturing environment."

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  • Luke Simon, Luke Simon is a reiki and breathwork practitioner and crystal expert.

We could all use a little more of that—but where to start? Simon suggests going for what you’re visually attracted to, above all else. "Don’t get too caught up in what you're 'supposed' to feel. Just check in and notice what you’re drawn to in a store," he says. Even if you didn't know what the crystal was 'meant' to do before you saw it, that strong instinctual attraction is very telling, he adds. And size typically doesn't matter as much as attraction—so no need to stress too much about that.

Deciding where to place a crystal once you've brought it home, however, requires a little more research. Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, calls on crystals being used in places that bring balance. But knowing the general meanings of each crystals is a basic way to understand what would be good where.

"Crystals have natural patterns in them that vibrate on a subtle level, sending out positive energy," says Simon. "That's why we feel so great when we visit nature. But different crystals emit different feelings, so you want to make sure you're channeling the right ones for each room." In other words, you probably don't want to place an energizing stone right next to your bed...or one that's too calming at your workstation.

Below, Luke Simon's advice on how to choose crystals for your home.

Best crystal for your desk: amethyst

Since this is a place where we do a lot of thinking, you want to have a little bit of support in that department. Even if you don't necessarily feel the crystals, it has a subtle, underlying magic that's always working. Think of it as almost Pavlovian: every time you look at the crystal, you'll remember that you bought it to clear your mind and focus. Bonus: amethyst is a purifying stone, one used to ward off evil, cleanse the mind, and inspire.

"I recommend an amethyst cluster—a bunch of different-sized and -shaped crystals—for your desk," Simon says. "Amethyst is very relaxing, clarifying, spiritual, and great for opening your mind. Since a cluster has so many different points, it's also great for an office with other people—it will send positive energy to everyone in the room."

Best crystal for your bedroom: rose quartz

Rose quartz is used for self-love and gives off a gentle, nourishing energy. Who wouldn't want that in their personal sanctuary? Simon points out that color is very important to consider when choosing crystals, and rose quartz is pink—which is generally all about love, joy, and selflessness.

"A very comforting way to feature rose quartz in your room is to put four crystals on the floor at each bed post, which will literally surround you with love," Simon says. "Even just one by your bed will help generate a soothing, calming [feeling]."

Best crystal for your kitchen: calcite

The kitchen is considered generally a warm and friendly place, so Simon recommends orange or yellow calcite. These hues are very nourishing and energizing, but calcite itself is a wonderfully cleansing crystal that emits a very soft energy—it's often used for to lift mood and boost creativity. So expect your meal prep to get a little more zesty!

"Calcite also comes in many colors, so you can choose the crystal for its healing purposes and still match it to your specific color palette," says Simon.

Best crystal for your living room: selenite

In the living room you want something that is soft and healing since, often, many different moods and events go on in the living room. A selenite tower is perfect for a light and almost ethereal addition to your space.

"Selenite is a delicate crystal—it can’t be dropped—but has a very sweet, calm, angelic vibe," says Simon. "You can get huge chunks of it that are beautiful."

Best crystal for your doorway: black tourmaline

"Black tourmaline is really a great crystal to have anywhere in your house, but it can be especially powerful by a front door, window, or entryway," says Simon. "It's very protecting and acts as a negativity transmuter, so you can essentially "wash off" anything from the outside that you don't want to bring in—it can also be really good to have by a computer for the same reason."

Feel free to nudge a black tourmaline in whatever space you think needs guarding. And if you're thinking of using crystals outside the home, this is a good one to carry on your person. "Black tourmaline is a very earthy energy that can be very balancing to your system," Simon says. "If you ever feel exposed or need protection or boundaries, this is a great crystal to work with."

Best crystal for your bathroom: clear quartz

"The bathroom is essentially where you are releasing stuff from your body, so you don't really want to be amplifying that energy with a crystal," says Simon. "You need to think of placement, since that would make the distinction of whether you're amplifying the bathtub or toilet."

He recommends quartz as a companion to your bathtub; it's clear and multi-faceted, but very directive like water. "It would sort of mirror the clarifying and cleansing of the water, but for the mind," says Simon.

Oh, and one last thing about cleansing! These gems can pick up on negative energy, so make sure to clear your crystals before you situation them in your place. Polished stones can take a bath or soak up the sun, while raw, picky materials can be planted in dirt. And then, they're ready to move in!

Published August 24, 2016. Updated May 5, 2020 with additional reporting from Mary Grace Garis.

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