The New Way to Show Your Crystal-Loving, Horoscope-Reading Friends You Care

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Subscription boxes with crystals, sage, and other mystical tools are nothing new. The industry started dipping its toe in woo-woo waters a couple of years ago, giving wannabe goddesses the supplies they need every month to keep their chakras balanced and their vibes "magik." So it would be easy to think of newly launched Smudge Wellness as another cosmically charged Birchbox—but Smudge's crystals subscription box is something different. Think of it more as a Hallmark card competitor (because when you really care, you send crystals).

"We conceived of the Spells because we knew that people are looking for unique and special ways to tell somebody that they care," co-founder and CEO of Smudge Lara Corey says of the three-month subscriptions you can send to friends to convey messages of "congrats," "I'm sorry for your loss," and "get well soon," among others.

Think of it as a Hallmark card competitor (because when you really care, you send crystals).

"For example, if your friend is experiencing a health crisis, it can be hard to know how to help them. Giving a sick friend a Smudge Health Spell is a really personal way to not only tell your friend that you are thinking about them, but gives them products that can help them feel better," says Covey. The care package can include healing crystals, essential oils, and other self-care products—as well as rituals they can try out. "It can help an ailing friend feel more connected with their mind and body."

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Photo: Smudge

Corey says it was personal experience—her friendship with co-founder Luigi Aldon—that served as the inspiration for the high-vibe startup.

"Alongside other pursuits in wellness, including exercising and therapy, we found that the act of giving crystals was a really powerful way to express our love, support, and appreciation for one another," Corey says. "We both felt so much positive impact from it. We knew that others could realize the same benefit."

Each Spell costs $160 and is delivered initially as a note from you with a "welcome package" that includes a journal, a crystal, and a special tarot card that signifies new beginnings and a fresh start, Corey says. From there, they can fill out an online questionnaire to help Smudge create customized care packages over the next three months. Typically the full haul includes: two crystals; a tool, like a smudging dish or an incense burner; smudging material (you know, the stuff you burn—like sage or palo santo—to reputedly "clear energy" in a room); and an additional beauty or wellness product.

The Love Spell includes rose quartz, of course. For a major career milestone, the package might contain crystals associated with focus and strength and a fortifying cedar smudge stick (which is said to be fortifying) or a candle made from ingredients to improve concentration, Corey says. The package also includes suggested rituals designed to kick career goals into high gear. Spells might include savvy pop-culture references as a way to make learning about how to use crystals, smudging, and other tools fun and accessible. "Because a little Beyoncé helps everything," she says. Praise goddess.

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