The Top 5 Places to Go for Cupping Therapy in LA

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There are a few wellness treatments that you can totally do yourself at home—foam rolling, Theragun-ing, and even a luxe spa-like rejuvenating facial. Cupping therapy, however—isn't one we'd recommend attempting without the guidance of a pro as it tends to involve a combination of fire, plastic, glass, and suction. Plus you know, it's kind of impossible to cup your own back.

And, since the goal of cupping therapy is to engage your muscles in deep relaxation for the purpose of pain relief, reducing inflammation, and overall well-being, it's way less stressful to let someone else do it.

That being said, finding a place to get in a session in Los Angeles can seem sort of overwhelming—there are so. many. options. After all, the City of Angles is an epicenter of everything wellness and woo-woo, so it's unsurprising that LA has a ton of prospects when it comes any and all holistic treatments. To help you narrow down your search to just the top choices, here's a handy list of where to get your fix of cupping therapy in the SoCal city.

1. The Spa on Rodeo

If you're seasoned and familiar with cupping therapy, this spot offers traditional and next-level treatments like facial cupping(!!), which is thought to relieve sinus issues, inflammation, and improve circulation.

The other more rare modalities of cupping offered at this spa include foot cupping (believed to relieve tired and achy feet), cupping targeted are reducing the appearance of cellulite, and stomach cupping which is thought to reduce symptoms of IBS and indigestion.

421 N. Rodeo Drive, Garden Level, Beverly Hills, California, 90210; (424) 284-8040

2. Golden Folk Wellness

Golden Folk is where you go if you're looking for cupping therapy along with other woo-woo and holistic wellness treatments like an infrared sauna session, Reiki, or tarot reading. The space also frequently hosts events such as wreath making craft classes and "hair rituals."

1615 Lucile Ave., Los Angeles, California, 90026; (323) 314-4046

3. Generate Shen Wellness

Generate Shen Wellness is one of the most versatile health-and-wellness spots in LA. Its offerings are vast and range from cupping therapy to physical therapy and even psychotherapy. Plus, if you're more of the homebody or are dealing with something that makes you less mobile, this spot does house visits that accommodate most of the services it provides.

5486 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90036; (323) 954-8800

4. Samra Clinic of Oriental Medicine

Samra is an OG of Los Angeles' wellness scene. It was opened in 1969 and has been operating ever since. This Eastern medicine spot offers holistic and individual wellness treatments. Aside from cupping therapy, they practice a number of other modalities grounded in Asian medicine including nutritional guidance, moxibustion, and herbal medicine.

3545 Wilshire Blvd. #355, Los Angeles, California, 90010; (213) 381-1700

5. Wellness Center

Wellness Center has three locations throughout Los Angeles making it an easy-to-find option regardless of where exactly you are. These locations offer chiropractic services, acupuncture, cupping therapy, and massages, as well as the rarer rapid-release treatment which uses a device to create high-speed vibration meant to alleviate soft tissue damage and soreness in muscles. This wellness spot's focus is on providing relief for people dealing with ailments such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, athletic injuries, and more.

West Hollywood: 8730 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, California, 90069; (310) 652-3200

Marina del Rey: 4284 Lincoln Blvd., Marina Del Rey, California, 90292; (310) 827-3200

Culver City: 9225 Venice Blvd., Culver City, California, 90034; (310) 838-1600

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