Curly Bangs Are Trending on Pinterest and We’re *Here* for the Look

Photo: Getty Images/Granger Wootz
There are several major decisions you can make in terms of your hair look. You can dye it one of the season's color trends (like cold brew or flannel, for instance), chop off your lengths to rock a bob haircut, or—and I always say this is the biggest one of all—you can get bangs.

Bangs are a huge move for a number of reasons. They cover a third of your face, first of all. They can also get greasy fast, thanks to constant contact with your forehead. And they can be exponentially harder to style than the rest of your locks—so they're definitely what I would call a commitment.

Of course, just like with regular haircuts, bangs come in a variety of options. But, according to Pinterest's fall trend report, one style in particular is trending like crazy right now (up 111 percent, to be exact): curly bangs. Like their straight counterparts, curly bangs can land anywhere on your forehead, from your temple to your brows. The only difference? More volume puts out cool-girl vibes a la Zendaya or French it-girl Lou Dillon.

The best part about curly bangs is that they're relatively effortless to style. Since the hairs are short, they're more prone to poof—so the key is to add just enough product like a curl creme or a mousse to weight them down. Then you can air dry and be on your merry way.

By the way, here's a quick fix for static hair. And this is the ultimate 2-ingredient DIY dry shampoo that you already have in your pantry. 

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