The Super-Easy DIY Nail Art That Will Take You 10 Minutes Start-to-Finish

Photo: Paintbucket
The best way to attract instant manicure envy on Instagram is via badass nail art—AKA "nails on fleek." Because what's more impressive than cute art on teeny tiny nail beds? Not much, IMO.

The thing is, the trendy mani is usually something you get done at a studio by a professional—someone who doesn't have two left hands. Sigh. Painting those miniscule designs—whether it's marble, ombre, or a even the halved avocado that you desire—is not easy. On the other hand (ahem) the price can really add up if you're hitting the salon on the reg for a different design every week or so. So what's a nail art lover to do?

Turns out you actually can create nail art on your own. (Yes, really). According to Kristin Pulaski of the chic Brooklyn nail salon Paintbucket Nails, there's one design in particular that's simple for you to pull off and still looks very impressive: A dry brush effect that layers colors over one another on a single-colored nail bed. "This look has infinite potential," she said of the dry brush look. Best yet? You don't even need one of those fancy schmancy nail art brushes.

How to get the look:

1. Apply base coat polish and let it dry for 2-3 minutes.
2. Apply base color polish and let it dry for 2-3 minutes.
3. Pick your next color and make sure to wipe the nail polish brush off on the neck of the bottle until almost dry.
4. Lightly swipe the tip of the brush across your nail in a criss-crossed pattern. Tip: If you get too much color on the nail, simply swipe over it with your next color to create a layered effect.
5. Repeat with another color, leaving as much or as little base color showing as desired.
6. Apply a top coat and let dry.

This sounds like a pretty great way to practice self care with some like-minded women friends, amirite?

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