The Most Comfortable Underwear Packs To Stock Up On—Because You’ll Want To Wear Them 24/7

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If you've gone through an underthings renaissance of sorts, swapping your most lethal lace lingerie for cotton high-waists, who can blame you? This past year in quarantine has led many to prioritize comfort, so while all styles and fabrics certainly have a place in your top drawer, opting for cozy underwear makes total sense. So much sense, in fact, that you might be due for a complete refresh. That's where getting cute underwear pack (or five) can help.

There's no health reason for needing to refresh your underwear collection every six months, but if your panties are legit falling apart or you just want to start anew, there’s no harm in stocking up! Below, some of our most beloved cute underwear packs, sold in bundle form for your convenience.

Need a cute underwear pack? Check out our favorite picks from 8 brands

1. Pact Cheeky Hipster 6-Pack, $60

For underwear with an eco-friendly flair, consider aptly-named brand Pact. It prioritizes 100 percent organic cotton, which uses significantly less water than conventional cotton, and you personally benefit because the fabric is likely great for your bits. Also, who wouldn't feel fun wearing hipsters with citrus on them?

Shop Now: Pact Cheeky Hipster 6-Pack, $60

2. Soma Vanishing Edge Microfiber Hipster 5-Pack, $55

love Soma for how it adds a touch of grown-up elegance on smooth-as-a-seal garments. Case in point are these vanishing-edge microfiber panties with country-cottage patterns. They're very feminine and still super-practical—expect to see no seams if you wear them underneath leggings.

Shop Now: Soma Vanishing Edge Microfiber Hipster 5-Pack, $55

3. Parade Secret Garden Pack of 4, $52

Parade has a cult following for routinely releasing the cutest-punchiest bundles of undies. And as a bonus, they contour your body like a soft, skin-skimming hug. Full disclosure: I had an existential crisis picking just one collection to highlight here. The Secret Garden Pack gives off bouncy spring vibes, but I'm also crushing on Parade's Days of the Week Garden Pack ($68) and the Rococo-era pastels of the Let them Eat Cake Pack ($64), which is perfect for dauphines who could do without corsets.

Shop Now: Parade Secret Garden Pack of 4, $52

4. Thirdlove the Lace Undie Kit of 3, $60

If you're looking for something very "everyday sexy," check out Thirdlove's Lace Undie Kit. You can mix and match colors with two cuts (high brief or cheeky), all made from high quality microfiber. This cute undies pack allows you to retain sultriness without sacrificing a soft-to-the-touch fit.

Shop Now: Thirdlove the Lace Undie Kit of 3, $60

5. RicherPoorer Women’s Boxer Brief Pack of 3, $70

Sometimes you just want to pull a Risky Business and hang 'round the house in boxer briefs. For those days, slide into serious comfort with RicherPoorer.

Shop Now: RicherPoorer Women’s Boxer Brief Pack of 3, $70

6. Lively the Mesh & Lace High Waist Bikini Bundle of 3, $25

Lively creates underwear to truly live in, with streamlined silhouettes and a polished yet approachable charm. Any of the brand's bundles are add-to-cart-worthy, but I think these bikinis bookended with mesh really strike that aesthetic balance perfectly.

Shop Now: Lively the Mesh & Lace High Waist Bikini Bundle, $25

7. Calvin Klein Signature Cotton 5-Pack Bikini Bottom, $45

Is anything more classic than Calvins? These tried-and-true Calvin Klein undies are mainstays for a reason. Those seeking something effortless, breathable, and cotton fresh should get a pair stat. Or hell, get five.

Shop Now: Calvin Klein Signature Cotton 5-Pack Bikini Bottom, $45

8. MeUndies Feelfree Cheeky Brief 10-Pack, $130

For those looking to be truly enveloped in softness, do yourself a favor and stock up on MeUndies. Believe me when I say these airy styles should be enjoyed in multiples. The good news is, the brand's 10-pack makes stocking up super simple.

Shop Now: MeUndies Feelfree Cheeky Brief 10-Pack, $130

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