Sun Protection Is *Always* in Style—Here Are 7 Pieces of Actually Cute UPF Clothing

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The other week, I was explaining to a date that I write about beauty for the internet. At one point during the conversation he asked me for my biggest skincare tip. My response: "Wear sunscreen. Every single day. Even if it's cloudy." This is paraphrasing the advice I've gotten from every dermatologist I've ever interviewed for a story. And though that date and I never went out again, I like to think he's out there in the world slathering on SPF 50 every morning, thinking about the beautiful woman who gave him this life-changing advice.

Even as someone who is heavily committed to sun protection and has had a healthy fear of the sun drilled into her from a young age, I never really considered donning UPF clothing. In part because, well, so much of it is woefully ugly. But! UPF clothing has gotten a makeover in recent years, and now there are options that are cute. And not like, cute for UPF clothing, but actually cute. Wow, we really can have it all.

"UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is the rating given to the clothing to indicate how effectively the fabric is blocking the UV rays," explains Dr. Ellen Marmur, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Dermatology at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. "Especially with the latest concerns about sunscreen chemicals (which are unproven to be toxic), wearing UPF clothing is an easy and super safe extra step in sun care," Marmur says. Plus, growing concerns about the environmental effects of chemical sunscreen make UPF clothing all the more appealing.

"You should always be wearing some sort of SPF, and UPF [clothing] has a numerical rating which indicates how protective the fabric is to the UV rays. These types of clothing are perfect for outdoor running or even walking your dog for that extra layer of protection," Marmur says. And while she tells me that regular clothes do offer a bit of sun protection, wearing UPF clothing is going to offer a lot more. Below, shop UPF #lewks that you won't be embarrassed to leave the house in.

OV One Shoulder Dress with Liner
Outdoor Voices One Shoulder Dress with Liner — $100.00

As far as exercise dresses go, this one is at the top of our must-have summer list. It hugs your body in all the right places and provides some much-needed coverage down below, thanks to the fitted shorts liner. The SuperForm fabric is also highly absorbent, so you can sweat freely and without overheating during your HIIT workout. Additionally, the dress is available in seven colors, including dark sky blue, lavender, white, and baby blue.

Lululemon Back-Zip High-Rise Paddle Tight 28
Lululemon Back-Zip High-Rise Paddle Tight 28" — $128.00

Consider wearing these sleek paddle tights on your next water adventure. Not only are they super stretchy, but they’re also built to keep your skin protected from the sun as you tread in and near water. Not to mention, the zipper in the back helps to keep everything in and your waistline looking snatched.

Tahoe Sun Crew — $58.00

Originally $58, now $35

Want to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe? Try this geometric printed crew T-shirt on for size. The fabric is super lightweight, fast-drying, and has a UPF 50+ rating for the ultimate sun protection during sweltering days.

Madewell MWL Hiking Hoodie Crop Jacket
Madewell MWL Hiking Hoodie Crop Jacket — $80.00

Originally $118, now $80

Made from recycled nylon, this lightweight jacket is the solution to stay cool on trail days. In addition to the UPF 40+ sun protection, this hoodie has an adjustable drawstring at the waist to give you the perfect Cinderella fit as you walk. And for the cherry on top, there’s even a small pocket and interior back straps for you to hang it off your shoulders when it becomes unbearably hot.

solbari dress
Solbari Long Sleeve Maxi Dress — $110.00

Made from a mix of cotton and bamboo, this long-sleeve maxi dress is like a breathable shield wrapped around your body. It’s soft to the touch and incredibly breezy, thanks to large side hem slits.

Athleta Trekkie North Jogger — $89.00

If you’re still not used to wearing tight clothes and prefer the comfiness of your PJs, you may want to add these joggers to your wardrobe. Not only are they perfect for everyday wear, but you can also take them on a hike and during your off-roading adventures. The fabric has UPF 50+ protection and two-way stretch to give your total freedom of movement.

sienna duster
Constant Sol Sienna Duster — $120.00

Originally $196, now $120

Easy, breezy, and comfy is name of the game with this duster. The polyester fabric is super lightweight and gracefully drapes along your body to give you the perfect fit. Plus, the long sleeves add another level of protection in addition to the UPF 50+ rating.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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